About me

I am a social animal. I cannot function if I don’t share my time with others. I have been very fortunate in life because I always had the opportunity to study, work, live and enjoy life with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, all fabulous human beings!

At the Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence Award, April 6th 2017.

eLearning Team, faculty, friends and family at the 2017 CAPE awards reception.

A short version of my timeline: http://bitly.com/nstimeline

Words of wisdom by Nelson Mandela

If you are curious, you can check my pictures with my friends, co workers and family at – Picasa; – Flickr

eLearning Team
Our eLearning Team in Madison, Wi for the Distance Learning Conference 2012 (I took the picture)

With Dr. Carol Packard in the campus of Florida International University
Profs. Bertazzi (left) and Mallo from Argentina visiting our campus in 2011.




elearning Team 2013
eLearning Team on the 2013 Online Student Orientation Event.