Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal (Associate Professor)

30719_395854959882_824154882_3918085_3331932_nContact Information                       
3215 Newmark Laboratory
205 N Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel.: +1 217 300 4380





researcher:                      PhD students:

Dr. Zita Zachariah. Research: Adsorption kinetics and tribology of lubrication additives on steel. PhD.

Yijue Diao. Research: The dynamic behavior of the Electrical Double Layer. About me.

Josue Lopez. Research: Chemomechanical interfacial processes of carbonate minerals.


Mengwei Han. Research: Interfacial behavior of polymers films solvated by Ionic Liquids.

Tooba Shoaib. Research: Nanotribology of complex hydrogel-based films.











Independent Projects

Kaiyu Wang, BS (ChemEng) and current CEE graduate student. Research: How can we manage efficiently a chemistry laboratory ? (Since Spring 2017).

Raymond Muro-Barrios, current MatSE undergraduate student. Research: Characterization of hydrated soft matter films (since Summer 2017).

Katherine Bohorquez, Undergraduate student CEE. Research: Adsorption behavior of additives to oil lubricants.

Siyu Chen, Undergraduate student MatSE. Research: Mineralization of Hydrogels.