Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal (Associate Professor)

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3215 Newmark Laboratory
205 N Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel.: +1 217 300 4380





researcher:                      PhD students:

Dr. Zita Zachariah. Research: Adsorption kinetics and tribology of lubrication additives on steel. PhD.

Yijue Diao. Research: The dynamic behavior of the Electrical Double Layer. About me.

Josue Lopez. Research: Chemomechanical interfacial processes of carbonate minerals.


Mengwei Han. Research: Interfacial behavior of polymers films solvated by Ionic Liquids.

Tooba Shoaib. Research: Nanotribology of complex hydrogel-based films.











MS Students:                                                                                         Visiting Students:

Ma Qi. MS Research: Influence of organic additives on stabilization of ACC nanoparticles

Ge Song. MS Research: Molecular Insight into the electrical double layer of ionic liquids and its dynamic behavior.

Andreas Hofheinz. Research: Data Analytics “meets” Surface Science. Visiting from TU Munich.















Independent Projects

Anupama Mohanlal (Master Student, CEE), since January 2017.
Archana Raju (Master Student, CEE), since January 2017.

Undergraduate Students

Jon Patton (Integrative Biology), since Summer 2016 (REU student, Summer 2016)
Ge Song (CEE), since Fall 2016 (REU student in Spring 2017)
Ruofan Song (CEE), since Fall 2016
Yiwen Zhang (CEE), since Fall 2016 (REU student in Spring 2017)
Amogha Ranvindra (MatSE), since January 2017
Kaiyu Wang (ChemEng), since January 2017

Past students