CEE 574 Probabilistic Loads and Design 

The goal of this course is to introduce modern structural load modeling and analysis techniques for buildings and other structures exposed to natural and man-made hazards and to explain the basis for the loads in modern limit states design codes, such as ASCE Standards 7-10. Students will gain insights and perspectives on the use and limitations of the limit state design codes in engineering decision-making. Topics include a brief review of concepts of probability, statistics and stochastic processes and uncertainty modeling; fundamentals of structural dynamics; fundamental physical models of live loads due to use and occupancy, natural environmental demands from wind, snow, flood and earthquake; loads due to vehicular impact and explosive detonations; and imposed deformations and structural actions due to severe fires.

CEE 360 Structural Engineering

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the structural engineering profession. Students will learn essential technical tools of analysis that are used by structural engineers in everyday practice by solving lots of typical analysis problems and class discussions. Topics include a brief review of statics, deflection computations for beams & frames, stiffness method for beams & frames, moment distribution method for beams, matrix analysis and introduction to commercial quality structural analysis software.

CEE 202 Engineering Risk & Uncertainty