Research involving human or animal subjects

Research Involving Human or Animal Subjects

If, in the conduct of these studies, human or animal subjects were exposed to risks not required by their medical needs, all presenters must affirm that their study was approved by an appropriate committee, or, if no such committee was available and informed consent was needed, it was obtained in accordance with the principles set forth in “The Institutional Guide to DHEW Policy on Protection of Human Subjects” and the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”, published by the NIH.

Symposium participants should be aware of the research policies of the institution to which they are affiliated. These include:

Research education requirements:

Research policies surrounding the use of animals:

Research policies surrounding the use of human subjects:

If you are presenting a clinical research or case study, particular attention should be paid to federal HIPAA regulations (ensuring the right to patient privacy) and the section at the bottom entitled “Carle information management.” If you are a resident, your residency director will provide further guidance.

CME Credit

Physician attendees will receive 0.75 CME credits.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are currently being reviewed by our faculty evaluation panel. Thank you to all those who submitted an abstract for consideration.

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