Who has a profile?

Profiles have been established for all tenure-system faculty on the Urbana-Champaign campus. It is not necessary for new faculty to request a profile; the profile will be created during the next available opportunity after the faculty appointment has been recorded in Banner. Profiles are created in batches 3 times per year. (Some faculty profiles are currently unavailable on the public portal while the project team works to populate them with data that is representative of their research and scholarship.)

Additionally, a limited number of profile seats have been allocated to the campus colleges and OVCR research institutes for providing their specialized and emeriti faculty and academic professional researchers with profiles. Experts does not currently have the capacity to include all campus researchers, but we are planning for future growth.

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We are happy to assist in ensuring that the information in your profile is as current and accurate as possible. Please take a moment to tell us about the profile updates you are requesting.

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