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Illinois Experts pulls together data from multiple authoritative sources in an attempt to provide a representative snapshot of current research activity. These data sources include

  • Scopus. Publication data recorded in Experts as “research output” is maintained via an automated weekly update.
  • Banner. Researcher names, faculty ranks/job titles, unit affiliations, and email addresses are updated weekly.
  • Codebook. Unit names and relations are updated as needed.
  • Illinois Data Bank. As part of the dataset deposit workflow, dataset citations are created in Experts once the IDB deposit is complete.

Additionally, more than 15,000 publication records (books, book chapters, non-Scopus-indexed journal articles) have been manually entered by the project team as part of an ongoing effort to supplement the information found in profiles for humanities, arts, and social sciences faculty. Units may also assign staff delegates to help manage or supplement the information in Experts on behalf of their affiliated researchers.

Planning to include grants and patents data from campus sources is underway.


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