How do I embed my latest publications into a site?

Follow these steps to embed an automatically-updating list of recent publications into any WordPress website, such as those hosted with (PIE). You can display the publications of a single researcher or an entire research unit.

This is achieved by adding and configuring an RSS widget on your WordPress site. You must have administrative privileges on the WordPress site to complete this process.

Before you begin, you will need the unique RSS feed URL found on your Experts profile. To locate this URL:

  1. Open a new browser window and navigate to Illinois Experts at You can use the search bar or browse through the Research Units to locate your profile.
  2. To find the RSS feed for your profile, click “Research Output” from the toolbar below the profile summary.
  3. On the research output page, locate the RSS icon below the “Research Output” heading. It looks like a tilted Wi-Fi icon.
  4. Right-click this icon and choose “Copy link address” or equivalent. The RSS feed URL is now copied to your clipboard.
    Screenshot of Illinois Experts, with demonstration of right-click on RSS feed icon.

Next, log in to and configure your WordPress site:

  1. For the RSS feed widget, there are two options: By default, WordPress sites offer a basic RSS widget. You can use this or activate the EngrIT RSS Widget, which allows you to link the RSS feed on your site back to an Experts profile, or another URL of your choice. To activate the EngrIT RSS Widget, select Plugins from the left-side menu. Scroll down the list of available plugins and find EngrIT RSS Widget. Click “Activate.”
  2. From the left-hand administrative menu, hover over Appearance; a sub-menu will appear. Click Widgets.
  3. On this page you will see a list of available widgets as well as a list of locations where the widget will be placed on the site. For a preview of the RSS feed, complete this process using the “Manage with Live Preview” option.
  4. Select the RSS (or EngrIT RSS) widget and drag it to the area where you would like it to appear (for example, left or right sidebar). The “Area” options available will depend on the theme you have installed on your website.
  5. Paste the copied RSS feed URL into the first box.Screenshot of default RSS Widget on WordPress back-end.
  6. Give the feed a title, such as “Recent Publications.” Leaving this blank will auto-populate a title based on the RSS feed.
  7. Select how many research outputs you would like to display. (The widget allows for any amount from 1-20).
  8. Check “Display item author if available” and “display item date.” Leave “Display item content” unchecked. Save your work.
  9. (Optional) If you have selected the EngrIT RSS widget, return to your Experts profile. Click “Overview.” Copy the URL in the browser bar and paste this into the “To what page should that title link?” field.

This RSS feed will automatically update and display new publications on your website as they are added to Illinois Experts.

Screenshot of RSS widget displayed on WordPress website.

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