Maintaining high water quality is very important to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems. In order to preserve safe water resources and sustainable agriculture by reducing runoff-mediated contamination, best management practices (BMPs) for erosion, chemical and pathogen control need to be developed and implemented. My research group is focused on developing tools and techniques that can be used evaluate the effectiveness of various BMPs across a range of spatial scales specific to sediment, nutrient and pathogen transport. This will permit more informed and cost effective management decision making. Our research will also provide new insights into the pollutant fate and transport processes and the role of various forcing-functions on BMP performance at a range of scales. To gain these insights, we use both computation and experimental approaches. Along with conducting laboratory and field scale studies, our group also works on evaluating, modifying and developing simulation models for predicting water quantity at the laboratory, field and watershed scales considering the possible changes in climate and land-use.

Lab members:

Principal Investigator (PI): Rabin Bhattarai

Assistant Professor, Soil and Water Resources Engineering
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mailing Address:
332L AESB, 1304 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801, USA

Telephone: (+1) 217-300-0001 (Office)
Email: rbhatta2 at illinois dot edu

Graduate student:

Vaskar Dahal (PhD student)
Chunhwa Jang (PhD student)
Shailendra Singh (PhD student)
Rishabh Gupta (PhD student)
Rajesh Kandel (MS student)
Jacob Wood (MS student)


Hanseok Jeong (Postdoc)
Hongxu Zhou (Visiting scholar)


Sudip Gautam (MS student, 2016)

Matt Stoklosa (MS student, 2017)
Shiyang Li (Visiting scholar, 2017)

Alex Goodwin (MS student, 2018)