Welcome to Water Quality Lab

Welcome to Water Quality Lab at the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The overall goal of our research group is to develop sustainable engineering solutions to improve water quality and crop production.



03/2017: Our work on “development and characterization of fly ash ceramic pellet for phosphorus removal” published in Journal of Environmental Management.

01/2017: A research project on “Web-based decision support tool for cover crop management” funded by Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council; Collaborators: Jonathan Coppess (ACE,UIUC), Jagadeesh Yedetore (UIUC, ARI), Shalamar Armstrong (Purdue).

01/2017: Two new members joined the research group! Welcome Shailendra and Rajesh!

12/2016: Research work on “soil roughness, soil and water losses under various tillage practices” published in Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.

12/2016: Collaborative work on “web-based tool to estimation of rainfall erosivity (R factor) in Korea” published in Catena.

09/2016: A research project on “comparison of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) elevations and on-site survey elevations” funded by USDA-NRCS; Collaborators: Richard Cooke, Maria Chu (UIUC).

08/2016: Alex Goodwin joined the lab as a MS student. Welcome Alex!

07/2016: Grad students (Vaskar, Sudip, and Chunhwa) presented at ASABE Annual International Meeting at Orlando, FL.

04/2016: Research paper on “analysis of best management practices implementation on water quality using SWAT” published in Water.

03/2016: Research paper on “effects of soil and vegetation on overland transport of rotavirus” published in Water.

03/2016: Research paper on “climate change impact on water availability in Bagmati basin, Nepal” published in Environmental Processes.

01/2016: A research project on “Assessing synergies and tradeoffs of recommended BMPs to reduce nutrient losses” funded by Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council; Collaborators: Cameron Pittlekow, Laura Christianson, Gary Letterly.

12/2015: Research paper on “generating microtopography elevation model using laser distance-meter” published in Applied Engineering in Agriculture.

12/2015: A research project on “Balancing water quality and nutrient management goals for the sustainable intensification of corn systems” funded by Dudley Smith Initiative, UIUC; Collaborators: Cameron Pittlekow, Laura Christianson, Gary Letterly.

11/2015: Research paper on “nitrate and phosphate removal in subsurface bioreactor” published in Ecological Engineering.

11/2015: Research paper on “climate change impacts on flow, sediment and nutrient export in a Great Lakes watershed” published in CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water.

08/2015: Two new members joined the research group! Welcome Chunhwa and Matt!

07/2015: Grad student (Vaskar) presented a paper on “climate change impact on streamflow in Bagmati River basin, Nepal” at ASABE Annual International meeting at New Orleans, LA.

05/2015: Presented a paper on “climate change impact on subsurface drainage systems in Illinois” at ASABE 1st Climate Change Symposium at Chicago, IL.

05/2015: Research paper on “sediment retention devices evaluation under concentrated flow conditions” published in Journal of Soils & Sediments.

04/2015: Research paper on “water quality assessment using principal component and nearest neighborhood analyses” published in Water Science & Technology: water supply.

01/2015: Two new members joined the research group! Welcome Vaskar and Sudip!

01/2015: A research project on “Development of Low-Water Crossing Design Guidelines
for Very Low ADT Routes in Illinois” funded by Illinois Department of Transportation; Collaborators: Prasanta Kalita (UIUC), Heidi Howard and Niels Svendsen (Army Corps of Engineers.

08/2014: Started a new position as an Assistant Professor in Soil and Water Resources Engineering at the University of Illinois.