Research Projects

On-going research projects:

1. Evaluation of various products for perimeter barrier (Funded by: Illinois Department of Transportation, Duration: 2018-20)

2. Assessing tile depth and spacing impact on nutrient losses and crop production (Funded by:  Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council; Duration: 2018-20)

3. Evaluation of alternate water sources for specialty crop production in Illinois (Funded by: USDA Specialty Crop Program through Illinois Department of Agriculture; Duration: 2018-19)

4. Web-based decision support tool for cover crop management (Funded by:  Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council; Duration: 2017-19)

5. Balancing water quality and nutrient management goals for the sustainable intensification of corn systems (Funded by: Dudley Smith Initiative, University of Illinois; Duration: 2016-19).

6. Assessing synergies and trade-offs of recommended BMPs to reduce nutrient losses (Funded by: Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council; Duration: 2016-19).

7. Accuracy of LiDAR-derived topographic information for engineering work (Funded by: USDA-NRCS; Duration: 2016-18).

Completed project(s):

1. Development of Low-Water Crossing Design Guidelines for Very Low ADT Routes in Illinois (Funded by: Illinois Department of Transportation; Duration: 2015-16).