SE 261 Fall 2019

SE261 (Business Side of Engineering)

Section G (IE), CRN 70100

Section H  (SED), 68161

Grading policy: Final grades will be determined on the basis
of the total numerical score achieved on exams, homework, and presentationsGroup Projects:25% of grade. These will be assigned via Piazza

Component Weight
Hourly Exam 1 (CBTF, 9/25-9/28) 15% of grade
Hourly Exam 2 (CBTF, 10/23-10/25) 15% of grade.
Hourly Exam 3 (CBTF, 11/13-11/15) 15% of grade.
Hourly Exam 4 (CBTF, 12/7-12/10) 15% of grade.
HW/group projects: 25% of grade. There will be some group projects.
Business Plan: 15% of grade. This will be a group project.

Logistical notes:

  • If you are taking this for 1 credit, you will only be responsible for the work prior to Thanksgiving break.