SE 261 Fall 2018

SE261 (Business Side of Engineering)

Section G/H

CRN 70700/68161

Grading policy: Final grades will be determined on the basis
of the total numerical score achieved on exams, homework, and presentationsGroup Projects:25% of grade. These will be assigned via Piazza

Component Weight
Hourly Exam 1 (in class, Sept. 27) 20% of grade
Hourly Exam 2 (in class, Oct. 30): 20% of grade.
Quizzes 10% of grade. There will be 6 surprise quizzes, each worth 10 points. The two lowest scores on these quizzes will be dropped. Quizzes will regularly be motivated by homework problems or the previous lectures. There will be NO makeup quizzes (don’t even ask). Note: a very useful habit in college is to be in your seat and thinking about a subject when a class starts. Although it is of course unsettling, having surprise quizzes at the beginning of a class is a very simple way of ensuring that this happens
HW/group projects: 25% of grade. There will be some group projects.
Business Plan: 25% of grade. This will be a group project.

Logistical notes:

  • If you are taking this for 1 credit, you will only be responsible for the work prior to Thanksgiving break.