The pilot proposal Feasibility of virtual reality and brain-computer interface technology for neurorehabilitation of fall-related anxiety in frail older adults, by M. Hernandez (lead), S. LaValle, R. Sowers, and G. Yershova, has been funded by the Collaborations in Healthy Aging Research and Technology program at UIUC.

/ 2018 Spring, News, Virtual Reality

Congratulations, Vivek Kaushik (IGL advisee) will be pursuing a summer internship at eBay.

/ 2018 Spring, News

Algorithmic Geolocation of Harvest in Hand-Picked Agriculture, by Srivastava, Maneykowski, and Sowers, is now online.

/ 2018 Spring, News, Precision Agriculture

Algorithmic Geolocation of Harvest in Hand-Picked Agriculture has been accepted to Natural Resource Modelling.

Algorithmic Geolocation of Harvest

/ 2018 Spring, News, Precision Agriculture