Friday, Oct. 16 Rm 151 Loomis
Afternoon session chair: Doug Beck
1:00 1:10 Introduction and welcome Doug Beck
1:10 2:00 Solar Flares and ‘Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions’; Could There Be a Causal Connection? Tony Leggett
2:00 2:50 Three Easy Pieces from Neutron Star Crusts and Quantum Liquids Chris Pethick
2:50 3:20 Coffee
3:20 4:10 Once Condensed, Always Condensed: From Neutron Stars to Ultracold Atoms David Campbell
4:10 5:00 Learning from Each Other: Gordon and Leo in Copenhagen and Urbana in the 1960s Gordon Baym
5:20 5:45 Bus to Stone Creek
5:45 Musical Interlude at Stone Creek
7:00 9:30 Dinner at Stone Creek
9:30 Bus from Stone Creek
Saturday, Oct. 17 Room 144 Loomis
Morning session chair: Tetsuo Hatsuda
9:00 9:50 Bose-Einstein Condensation in Unusual Circumstances Jean-Paul Blaizot
9:50 10:40 Many-Body Localization in Cold Atom Systems Jason Ho
10:40 11:10 Coffee
11:10 12:00 Graphene: the Good, the Bad, the Nano and the Pseudo Cristiane Morais Smith
Afternoon session chair: Chris Pethick
12:00 1:20 Lunch in Loomis Laboratory
1:20 2:10 From Quarks to Neutron Stars Tetsuo Hatsuda
2:10 3:00 Exploration of Quark Matter and the QCD Phase Boundary with Nuclear Collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider Peter Braun-Munzinger
3:00 3:50 Properties of the Quark Gluon Plasma Barbara Jacak
3:50 4:20 Final remarks, closing Gordon Baym