SP18 – POT B class – GCL 146: The HIV/AIDS Pandemic

GCL 146: The HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Nearly forty million people now live with HIV, with approximately two million new infections occur each year (UNAIDS, 2017). Who is at risk? Why? This seminar examines social, economic, and political factors (fundamental causes) shaping the risk of contracting HIV and developing AIDS, globally and locally. Focusing on risk contexts, in addition to risk behaviors, we investigate how HIV/AIDS generates striking differences in its impact across genders, geographies, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic groups. Participants complete an external engagement experience linked to an international, national or local HIV/AIDS organization of their choice.

Runs March 12 to May 2

MWF 2:3:50 PM

Taught by Professor Cynthia Buckley

This course will be held in 117 Multi-purpose Room in the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls, 906 W. College Course, Urbana.

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