Internships: Applications, Interviews, and Other Tips

March is an important time for summer internships. There are many deadlines that are for March 1 and March 15. Some of the internships in our Winter Break Internship Newsletter over on Compass are still available, and we’ve been posting LOTS of internships on our Facebook page! Here are some tips on applications, subsequent interviews, and other important things to do to make sure you land the perfect summer internship.


1.Apply early! If you wait until the last minute to apply, you might be at the bottom of the resume stack.

2.Make a checklist for the required application materials. Make sure you send the employer everything they ask for. Some employers will not even consider your application unless you provide the materials they ask for. Common internship application components include:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Transcripts
  • Writing Samples
  • References

3. Be formal. Dress up for your interview–even if it’s through Skype. Iron your dress suit. Treat this interview seriously. For cover letters or emails, make sure to address employers as Mr., Ms., and Mrs. Use appropriate email subject lines if communicating via email. Examples of appropriate subject lines for internship applications and correspondence:

  • John Doe Application Materials for Summer 2018 Internship at XYZ Company
  • John Doe Resume, Cover Letter, and Writing Sample for Summer 2018 Internship
  • Summer 2018 Internship for XYZ Company – John Doe

4. Send a thank you note after your internship interview! Even if you think the interview did not go that well, send a thank you email and a written thank you note. You would rather be the applicant who sent the thank you note instead of the only applicant who did not send the thank you note.


  1. Do a mock interview before your real interview! The Career Center offers mock interviews. This is a great opportunity to practice with someone who can give you constructive feedback. For more information about the Career Center’s mock interviews, click here.
  2. Phone interviews and Skype interviews are very common for first round or preliminary interviews. Make sure you have a quiet environment to conduct your phone interview. If your dorm or apartment is going to be distracting or loud, book a study room for your phone or Skype interview. For information about reserving a study room through the University’s library system, click here.
    1. If you decide to do a Skype interview at your dorm or apartment, be careful of what is in the background of the video. Clean up your space and take a picture from your webcam to see what the interviewer will see. Do a practice interview over Skype with a friend to make sure you know how to use it and it works.
    2. Dress up for your Skype interview. Treat this interview as a formal interview. Wear a suit!
  3. Make copies of your application materials and bring the materials to your interview. Bring at least three paper copies of your resume, cover letter, and transcript to an in-person interview.

Other Tips- Utilize campus resources!

  1. The Career Center hosts great events for finding an internship. Their next “Finding an Internship” workshop is Tuesday March 13. For more information about that event, click here. 
  2. Make sure you are registered to use Handshake@Illinois. This resource helps connect you with employers looking for interns and other full time jobs. To register, click here. 
  3. Get resume tips and get your resume reviewed. The Career Center offers tips for writing a resume. The Career Center also offers resume reviews.

Featured Internships – These have March 15 deadlines, so apply soon!

  1. U.S. Department of Education–Washington, D.C. The Department of Education Intern Program seeks to provide students with an experience that exposes them to government and federal education policy while providing students with meaningful responsibilities. Applicants for the ED Intern program will be accepted throughout the year on a rolling application schedule. Applications need to be received at a minimum of a month before the proposed start date to be considered, however, it is highly recommended that applications
    are submitted much further in advance due to high demand for spots in the program (especially during the summer season). No application will be considered complete until three items are received by ED: a cover letter; an up to date resume; and a copy of the intern application (located on the website below). For more information and to obtain a copy of the application, go to: Application Deadline:
    March 15. Questions? Send an email to
  2. Internship with Senator Tammy Duckworth. A Congressional internship offers a unique opportunity to witness and experience first-hand the legislative process as well as assist in helping your representative or senator represent the citizens of Illinois. Click here for internship information about Senator Duckworth’s internships.  The application deadline is March 15.
  3. The Wolff Internship with the Institute of Government & Public Affairs is a PAID internship starting in the summer and going through the next academic year. Applications are due March 9. 

(Further Reading) Helpful Past Blogs About Internships

  1. Still making summer plans? Here’s what to do now 
  2. The 2017 Internship Newsletter is Live on Compass!



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Mark Your Calendars – Week of March 5

Thank you to the students that attended the Negotiating Scholarships Workshop last Monday!

Save the Date for the next Pre-Law Advising Services Event!! Taking a Gap Year (Or More) Before Law School

Are you considering working, volunteering, traveling, or doing something else before attending law school? If so, how can you use that time effectively to improve your applicant profile? Do you want to know more about going straight through to law school after undergrad? This event helps students explore different paths to law school. The panel will feature three current law students–two with work experience and one who went directly from undergrad to law school–to answer your questions and discuss the pros and cons of going straight to law school versus taking a gap year (or more) and working.

Events on Campus

Virtual Career Fair for Students with Disabilities: Wednesday, March 14, 8am-5pm

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. is hosting a virtual career fair where job seekers with disabilities can meet employers from across the nation. This online recruiting event is open to students & alumni from 2-Year and 4-Year Colleges and Universities across the United States. Use the following link to review the event schedule and register:

Other Spring Career Fairs

March 1-2:  Career XPO (Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning)

March 5:  Educators’ Job Fair

March 13:  Research Park Career Fair

April 10:  Just-in-Time Illini Career & Internship Fair

PAID internship opportunity! Wolff Internship applications are due March 9.


OIIR’s “Lunch on Us” Program 

Join OIIR every weekday for a noontime discussion, and learn something new. Featuring speakers, panels, and resources at the University of Illinois, all lunches introduce you to the cultures, histories, and societal issues that the diverse communities of our campus face.

Programs take place from noon to 1 pm. For more information, click here.

“Reforming the Supreme Court of Israel”
by Professor Amnon Reichman, University of Haifa
Friday, March 9, 2018
12-1 p.m.
Max L. Rowe Auditorium, Law Building
Professor Reichman will present “Reforming the Supreme Court of Israel.” His lecture is part of the “Distinguished International Lecture Series in Constitutional Law” sponsored by the College of Law’s Program in Constitutional Theory, History and Law; and Israel Studies Project.This event is free and open to the public.

Upcoming Career Center Events

Creating Your Powerful Cover Letter, 4-5 p.m., The Career Center Conference Room 143, 715 S Wright St.

Tuesday, March 6

Finding an Internship, 5-6 p.m., The Career Center Conference Room 143, 715 S Wright St.

Wednesday, March 7

Health Professions Wednesdays: Beyond the Medical Model, 4-5 p.m., The Career Center Interview Suite 213, 616 E Green St.  

Wednesday, March 7

Acing Your Interview, 4-5 p.m., The Career Center Conference Room 143, 715 S Wright St.

Wednesday, March 7

Creating Your Powerful Resume, 5-6 p.m., The Career Center Conference Room 143, 715 S Wright St.

Friday, March 9

Immigration Attorney Presentation, 4-5:30 p.m., The Career Center Interview Suite 213, 616 E Green St. 

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Taking the LSAT “Cold” – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Some students believe that they should take the LSAT “cold” or without preparing for the exam, because students can take the LSAT multiple times. So is it a good idea to take an actual LSAT (not a practice one) without prepping just to get the experience?

At Pre-Law Advising Services, we do not encourage this decision. In short, it is not a good idea to take the LSAT “cold.”

Reasons Why You Should Always Prepare for the LSAT Before You Take the Test:

  1. You should take the LSAT seriously.

    1. The LSAT is a crucial element of your law school application. Your LSAT and your GPA are two of the most important parts of your application. Take this part seriously.
    2. A good LSAT score can increase your odds at getting into a school with a higher ranking, a school in your preferred location, more scholarship money, and give you better options when you make your final decision.
  2. Every LSAT score is sent to the schools you apply to.

    1. Even though you can take the LSAT multiple times, every score is sent to every law school to which you apply. You cannot hide a low LSAT score from any law school.
    2. Most schools want for you to explain if your score increases by more than 5 points. Most people that take the LSAT cold and then seriously study for the exam oftentimes have to explain large score increases or discrepancies. It is difficult to do so without indicating that you were unprepared for the exam.
  3. A “cold” LSAT score can show that you were not prepared.

    1. If you have two or three extremely different LSAT scores because you took the LSAT cold, it will show that you were not prepared for the tests.
    2. Law schools may read into the fact you took an LSAT cold – you may come across as an unprepared or unorganized applicant.
  4. Schools may average your LSAT scores.

    1. Because you can now take the LSAT as many times as you want, law schools may use different systems when looking at multiple LSAT scores.
    2. It is possible schools may average your scores, look to the middle test score, or consider your multiple LSAT scores in a different way than you may have planned for.

Our best advice for LSAT prep: allow yourself about 4-6 months to prepare for the LSAT; prepare a realistic study plan, stick to the plan to study consistently, and be honest with yourself and your studying.

A few other thoughts about the LSAT:

  • The LSAT is NOT the same as the ACT or SAT because the LSAT tests your critical thinking rather than your knowledge of any particular subject. Your SAT or ACT score is not necessarily a good predictor of your LSAT score for this reason.
  • The LSAT does NOT test the same material as the ACT, SAT, GRE, or GMAT. The topics and approach to the LSAT should be unique to the LSAT.
  • To prepare properly for the LSAT, as a general rule four to six months of consistent studying is encouraged. The LSAT is not a test that comes easily to many students. It is important to give yourself enough time to study and feel prepared for the test.

The next LSAT is Monday June 11, 2018. For more information about the upcoming LSAT, click here. The registration deadline is Tuesday May 1, 2018. If you are planning on taking the June LSAT, you should register early to get your preferred testing site. Some testing sites fill up quickly, so you should register early!


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Mark Your Calendars – Week of February 12

Thank you to the students that joined us for the LSAT Prep Fair last week!

Our next event will be the “Negotiating Scholarships Workshop” on Monday February 26! The event will be held at 1090 Lincoln Hall from 5PM – 6:15PM.

Now is the time to assess aid offers and discuss options for additional scholarships with your law schools. How can applicants have a respectful yet productive conversation that potentially results in more scholarship dollars being awarded? Join us as we examine exactly how to go about negotiating law school scholarships with the expertise of a panel of law school admissions professionals with a wealth of experience! This session is a must-see for anyone applying to law school, and the information applies to any law school. Panelists include:

  • Amanda Noascono, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions, DePaul University College of Law
  • Rebecca Ray, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Illinois College of Law
  • Nicole Vilches, Assistant Dean for Admissions, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Financing Your Legal Education Webinar: Feb. 15 at 6:00 pm. Law school is an important investment. Making informed decisions about how to finance that investment is crucial. This session, provided by Access Lex,  will help you to understand the costs of pursuing legal education and the financial aid application process. We’ll also review the available financing options and identify ways for you to be financially prepared to achieve your educational goals. To register for this free workshop visit

Applications for Chicago-Kent’s Honors Scholars program are due TODAY Feb. 12 for current applicants. Honors Scholars receive full tuition scholarships for 3 years. Candidates must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and LSAT score of 160. Visit their website for more details and to apply.

Indiana University McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis is now accepting applications on a rolling basis for its new Pathway to the Law program, featuring online for-credit courses, LSAT assistance, a $2000 scholarship, mentoring, and more for selected applicants.

A preview to our March event . . . the “Taking a Gap Year Before Law School” Workshop will be on Thursday March 29th in Room 514 of the Illini Union Bookstore from 5:00 – 6:00PM.

Are you considering working or taking a gap year before law school? Do you want to know more about going straight through to law school after undergrad? Pre-Law Advising Services is hosting an event for students to learn more about different paths to law school. The panel will feature three current law students–two with work experience and one who went directly from undergrad to law school–to answer your questions and discuss the pros and cons of going straight to law school versus taking time off and working.

SUMMER PLANS–Still looking for opportunities? Check these out.

Career Fairs. Mark your calendars for spring career fairs, which are open to all Illinois students and present both job and internship opportunities. Find these and other fair opportunities in Handshake.

Looking for some tips on how to make the most of a career fair?  The Career Center is offering a workshop on Career Fair Prep TODAY, February 5, 5pm, Career Center Conference Room 143 at the Career Center.  The Career Center is also offering workshops on crafting a strong resume, how to use LinkedIn, and more.  Visit their website here for information on other great programming opportunities at the Career Center!

Summer PLUS programs. We posted a spreadsheet full of pre-law undergraduate summer programs over on our Compass page! For example:

June LSAT Registration–Planning to take the June LSAT? Registration is now open here! We recommend registering early because this one typically fills early AND LSAT takers were up nearly 30% last year! Now is also a good time to apply for a fee waiver. For more on LSAC fee waivers revisit this blog post.

Did you know that you can get a scholarship for working at an unpaid internship this summer? Apply for the Fred S. Bailey scholarship here, which provides a $1000 stipend for part-time internships and a $2500 stipend for full-time summer internships. Applications due April 12.

University of Illinois’ Office for Student Conflict and Resolution Subcommittee Applications Now Open!

The University of Illinois’ Office for Student Conflict and Resolution has opened up their applications for their two subcommittees: the Subcommittee on Student Conduct and the Subcommittee on Sexual Misconduct. Student applicants must be:

  1. Enrolled full-time at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
  2. At least two full semesters from graduation; and
  3. In good academic standing with at least a 2.5 grade point average.

It is encouraged that students have Friday afternoon availability for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters. For more information and to apply, visit their website here.

Campus Events:

OIIR’s Lunch on Us Program – Free Lunch Every Weekday!

The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations is offering their “Lunch on Us” program this semester. Programs take place every weekday from noon to 1pm every day and offer a free lunch for attending. To see their schedule, click here

“Creating Your Powerful Cover Letter” at the Career Center – Thursday February 15 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at the Career Center Conference Room 143

Cover letters are challenging to write, and yet, are often a critical aspect of an internship or job application. Learn how to write an effective cover letter that showcases your skills and experiences for a specific position.

Upcoming Law School Opportunities–open to pre-law students!

Indiana University Maurer School of Law (Bloomington) is hosting a Diversity Law Day on Saturday, Feb. 17. This free event includes a mock class, lunch, tours of the law school, and sessions about critical thinking and what lawyers do. Visit their website here for more details and to register.

The Wisconsin Statewide Pre-Law Diversity Day will be Friday, Feb. 23 at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee. This free event features sessions with the deans of both Marquette and University of Wisconsin law schools, a law school admissions update, mock law school class, tours, lunch, and a mini law school fair. For more details and to register visit their website here.

Free Speech After Charlottesville–February 16 from 12-1 pm at the University of Illinois College of Law Rowe Auditorium. Speaker Teresa Sullivan will discuss the August 2017 events that involved clashes between white supremacists and counter-protestors on the grounds of UVA and in Charlottesville. She will discuss how these events have shaped the debate about free speech, led to discussions about the proper dividing line between free speech and hate speech, and changed the way that universities prepare for public assemblies that can lead to violent clashes between opposing groups. Free and open to the public–lunch will be provided to the first 200 participants. Find more details here.


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New Location for the LSAT Prep Fair

There has been a location change for our 2018 LSAT Prep Fair. The LSAT Prep Fair is next Tuesday February 6 from 4PM to 6PM. The event will now take place at the Illini Union Bookstore Building, Room 514 (the 5th floor of the Illini Union Bookstore Building)!

The elevator banks that lead to the 5th Floor are on the Wright Street Side of the building (not the bookstore entrance, just down the block a few steps).


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LSAT Prep Fair 2018

When is the LSAT Prep Fair?

On Tuesday February 6, 2018, Pre-Law Advising Services will be hosting our annual LSAT Prep Fair. The event will be in the Illini Union Bookstore Building, Room 514 and will run from 4PM to 6PM. This is a great event that is only offered once a year! The event is open to the public.

What companies will be there?

Currently, we have four companies that will be attending the LSAT Prep Fair.*

Next Step Test Prep

Test Masters

Princeton Review


Who should attend?

Freshmen and Sophomores: Find out what’s on the LSAT and how to prepare for it! Join us for mini-workshops by experts about LSAT content. Have some snacks and talk to different LSAT prep companies about how you can plan ahead to maximize your LSAT performance!

Juniors, Seniors, and Alumni: Learn about the LSAT and figure out which LSAT prep option is best for you! Online? Classroom? One-on-one tutoring? Do you want to take a three month class? Six months? One weekend? Talk to different LSAT prep companies about their most effective class formats for you. All participants will receive LSAT prep class discounts! We will also raffle off some scholarships and other great prizes.

Why should YOU attend the LSAT Prep Fair?

Planning ahead for the LSAT is very important. Prep courses are often expensive and time consuming. You want to make sure you choose a LSAT Prep company and course that is the best fit for you. The LSAT Prep Fair’s attending companies will be providing more information about their courses, practice materials, possible discounts for their courses, and there will be the opportunity to win a free prep course!


Taking the June 2018 LSAT? Do you need a study group to hold yourself accountable while you study and meet other students studying, too? Consider signing up for a LSAT study group. Use this link to sign up by Thursday February 1:


*Pre-Law Advising Services does not endorse any specific LSAT prep company.

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Mark Your Calendars – Week of January 22

There are great events this week for Pre-Law students!

Pre-Law Advising Services Workshops and Programs

We have updated our Spring Semester calendar of events! Check them out on our website here.

Pre-Law 101 — Monday, January 29, 4:00pm, 514 IUB

Are you new to pre-law at Illinois? Then this event is a great opportunity for you! This workshop will cover: What it means to be pre-law at Illinois; what law schools are really looking for; what pre-law students can do to maximize their undergraduate years; how to build a strong pre-law resume; what resources are available to assist pre-law students at Illinois. For more details and to register, click here.

LSAT Preparation Fair — Tuesday, February 6!

The PLAS-sponsored LSAT Preparation Fair is set for Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 4:00-6:00pm, Illini Union Rooms B&C! This event is a chance to learn more about several commercial LSAT test prep companies, participate in informative mini-workshops conducted by the companies and win discounts on test prep materials and scholarships for courses! To find out who is coming and see the workshop schedule, keep checking the PLAS website for updates on the fair.

Note: Pre-Law Advising Services does not endorse any commercial LSAT test prep company.

FREE Practice LSAT – Friday February 16

Whether you are taking the real Law School Admission Test in June (or later in 2018) or this is your first-ever baseline test, this is a great opportunity to take the LSAT in a testlike environment with a proctor. This practice opportunity features an actual, previously administered LSAT in a realistic, timed testing environment.

Seating is limited. Test details and location will be emailed to registrants before the exam. Please register by clicking this link.

Taking the June 2018 LSAT? Consider joining a LSAT Study Group. Use this link to sign up: Sign-ups close on Thursday February 1.

Upcoming Campus Events

Illinois in Washington summer semester applications are due Feb. 1. For more information check out the Illinois in Washington website.

Career Center Opportunities Fair – Tuesday, January 23, 5-6:30pm

Learn about job and internship opportunities on campus! Visit with campus units that are hiring students. Learn about services and work opportunities at The Career Center. Enhance your Illinois experience and build your resume. This event will include games, prizes and a chance to win a FREE Amazon Fire tablet!

For information about other events and workshops at The Career Center, check out their spring calendar at:  Now is a great time to update your resume, plan your job search or summer internship, and get to know their office and resources.

This week at the Career Center: Paraprofessional Recruitment Info Session – Wednesday January 24 from 4PM – 5PM

The Career Center is currently recruiting enthusiastic, talented, and diverse undergraduate students to apply for our Career Services Paraprofessional (CSP) role for the 2018-2019 academic school year. The CSPs facilitate career-related workshops, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile reviews, and promote The Career Center at events across campus. For more information, click here.

Illinois Leadership Center will host several upcoming I-Programs. For more information and to register, visit their website here.

  • Intersect: Saturday, January 20
  • Integrity: Saturday, January 27
  • Inclusion: Saturday, February 3

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is now accepting submissions for the 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), set for Thursday, April 19.

Deadline for submitting an application to the URS is Friday, February 16, 2018, at 11:59 pm. The application can be found here. 

The URS is the signature event of Undergraduate Research Week (April 15-21), and brings together students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, as well as corporate partners and sponsors, to learn more about undergraduate research and its potential to change the world. Students are encouraged to apply even if titles or abstracts have not yet been finalized – they can be edited.  Just make sure the application is successfully submitted by February 16!

For more information on Undergraduate Research Week, the URS, and OUR programs, please visit our website at:

Questions may be addressed to; please put “URS Application” in the subject line.

The Office of Undergraduate Research announces its Spring 2018 calendar for the Getting Started in Research Workshop!

PLEASE NOTE – These workshops fill up quickly, so if you are interested, sign up now!

During the workshop, we will discuss the various forms of undergraduate research that take place on campus, guide students to develop a plan of action to locate research opportunities on campus, and discuss ways to contact faculty research mentors. Students will leave the workshop with (1) a better understanding of undergraduate research and how it takes place on our campus, (2) increased confidence to contact faculty research mentors, and (3) a list of faculty mentors to contact. For more information and to register, go here.

The first two workshops will be held next week:

Getting Started in Research Workshop, January 22, 2018
Date/Time: Monday January 22, 2018 from 3:00 – 4:30pm
Lincoln Hall, Room 1027
Registration is available at:

Getting Started in Research Workshop, January 24, 2018
Date/Time: Wednesday January 24, 2018 from 3:00 – 4:30pm
Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry, Room 165
Registration is available at:

Study Abroad Open Houses – January 25 and February 9

The first open house is Thursday, January 25 from 3:30PM-5:30PM and the second open house is Friday, February 9 from 11:30AM-1:30PM.  There will be a mini fair, resource tables, speed advising, and free coffee! Additionally, IAGE is putting on a “Funding Your Study Abroad Experience” workshop on Wednesday, January 31 from 4PM-5PM in Lincoln Hall 1090 with representatives from Illinois International Programs and the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Illini Media Spring 2018 Recruitment Event – Monday January 22 from 7PM – 9PM

Interested in working in marketing or sales? Want to work for the Daily Illini newspaper or WPGU radio? Illini Media is hosting a recruiting event today from 7PM to 9PM in Gregory Hall, Room 112. Click here for more details.

Internship and Scholarship Opportunities

We hope you have been utilizing our 20 page Internship Newsletter over on our Pre-Law Compass page that we posted in December! (Click here for instructions on how to access our Compass page.) It’s got lots of job and internship listings for spring, summer and long-term opportunities from Champaign to D.C. and beyond.  In addition, you should regularly check Handshake via the Career Center’s website to see if summer internships have been posted there.

Undergrad PAID Internship at UIUC in Environmental Humanities for 2018-2019        Applications due March 1, 2018!

Environmental Humanities is environmental studies from a humanistic standpoint. Envrionmental Humanities pulls from different movements (environmental philosophy, environmental history, ecocriticism, cultural geography, anthropology, and others) to study the relationship between humans and non-human nature, past and present. The IPRH-Mellon Environmental Humanities Research Group is composed of professors, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates from different disciplines who are united by their desire to understand the human place in nature, as well as to examine critically the way people make meaning of it.

The research group seeks three undergraduate interns who will work with the group on their seminars, workshops, and programs for the academic year 2018-2019. Interns will also work with the research group director, Professor Bob Morrissey, to develop their own research projects as well as a research symposium for undergraduates at the end of the spring semester.

Interns will work approximately 10-11 hours per week, paid at the rate of $15.75 per hours, and will have $600 to support their research. Applicants must be juniors or seniors the year of the internship. For more information and to apply, go here.  Remember: The application deadline is March 1! Please address questions to: Dr. Nancy Castro, at

Paid Summer Internship at the Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington, D.C. Application Deadline is January 31!

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in Washington, D.C., has a number of openings for paid interns beginning in the summer of 2018. The Nuclear Energy Institute ( is the policy organization of the nuclear energy and technologies industry and participates in both the national and global policy-making process. NEIs mission is to ensure the implementation of policies that promote the beneficial uses of nuclear energy and technologies in the United States and around the world. To that end, NEI works to establish unified industry positions on the regulatory aspects of generic operational and technical issues. NEI’s members include all entities licensed to operate commercial nuclear power plants in the United States, nuclear plant designers, architect/engineering firms, fuel fabrication facilities, nuclear materials licensees, and other organizations and entities involved in the nuclear energy industry.

Interns at NEI will work with seasoned nuclear professionals in one of the following areas: technical, communications, policy development, government relations, legal, and member relations and corporate services on issues critical to the industry. Internships are 10 weeks and take place during the summer. Interns will be paid $15.00 an hour.

All applicants must submit an application that includes the NEI Internship Application, a resume, and a copy of their transcript to If requested, applicants must also participate in an interview either by phone or in person.

Applications are being accepted for review between December 15, 2017 and January 31, 2018. Applications submitted beyond January 31, 2018 may be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis thereafter. Click on this link for more information. you have additional questions about NEI’s Internship Program, please contact the NEI Human Resources Department at

Legal Internship Opportunity — Holder Law Group, LLP

Holder Law Group, LLP, a young law firm in Champaign-Urbana, is looking for interns who want to be involved in a fast paced, high-tech, multi-area, legal environment. Holder Law Group engages in personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil litigation. Attorneys at Holder Law Group have had experience in both public and private sectors of work, including small and large law firms and are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Interns jobs will vary, and be assigned based on capabilities, but may include medical record organization, filing, abstracting depositions, assisting in trial preparations, Court filings, and attending depositions and Court hearings and legal marketing. Work times are flexible and we are willing to work around your academic schedule. Positions are available for fall, spring, and summer semesters as well as during breaks. Please email resumes and cover letters to Betsy Holder:  

Scholarship opportunity for those entering law school this fall

The ABA Diversity Scholarship is designed for underrepresented students who demonstrate financial need and community involvement. Awards will be $15,000 for entering law students, which is renewable for years 2 and 3 of law school.  Applicants must be entering law school in 2018 and submit an application, personal statement, and statement of financial need by March 2. Find the application and more details here. 

BARBRI Law Preview $10,000 Scholarship!

BARBRI Law Preview and the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity are offering a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for a student’s first year of law school. For more information, visit their website at

Chicago-Kent Honors Scholars Applications Due February 12!

The applications for Chicago-Kent’s Honors Scholars Application are due Monday February 12! Candidates selected as Honors Scholars receive annual law school scholarships of full tuition. These awards have a total value of more than $130,000 over three years. You must complete the online Honors Scholars Program application. You must also complete the fall 2018 Chicago-Kent application for admission through the Law School Admission Council. For more information, visit their website:

Upcoming Law School Events–OPEN TO ALL PRE-LAW STUDENTS

Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law’s Diversity Law Day, February 17, 2018

Diversity Law Day is dedicated to the idea that the legal profession must reflect the expanding diversity of our society.February 17, 2018 at the law school in Bloomington, Indiana.Diversity Law Day is free to attend, but registration is required for planning purposes. To attend, simply complete the registration form at Contact Kendra Abercrombie at or 812-855-2704 if you have any questions.

The Wisconsin Statewide Pre-Law Diversity Day is set for Friday, February 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This event is open to all students. For more information and to register, visit their website here. Cosponsored by the University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School, this FREE event includes lunch and:

  • an update on law school admissions in Wisconsin featuring the University of Wisconsin and Marquette University Law Schools;
  • breakout workshops featuring a mock class for students ; and
  • law school fair featuring admissions representatives from law schools around the country.  Click here for a list of law schools that participated in last year’s event.

Law School Open Houses and Admitted Students Days

As we first mentioned in several of our fall blog posts, many law schools host open houses for prospective applicants and all law schools strongly encourage students to visit their campuses.  Note: spring semester is a time when many law schools will host events specifically for admitted students. Make sure you check the law school websites to see what types of events the schools in which you have an interest are offering.   Listed below are upcoming events for three Illinois law schools.

Chicago Kent Law School Open House, Saturday, January 27, 9:00am-2:00pm.  For more information or to register, go here. 

DePaul University College of Law Open House, Saturday, January 20, 10:00am. For more information and to register, go here.

John Marshall Law School Open House, Saturday, January 27, 9:00am-Noon. For more information or to register, go here.

Northern Illinois University College of Law Open House, Saturday, January 27, Noon-4:30pm. For more information or to register, go here.


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The 2017 Internship Newsletter is Live on Compass!

The 2017 Internship Newsletter is now available on Pre-Law Advising Service’s Compass page. Please visit our Compass page to begin combing through the newsletter for summer opportunities that interest you.  If you are a designated pre-law student, simply log in with your credentials to access the page. If you are not a designated pre-law student but would like to access the newsletter, please follow the instructions here. Positions are available throughout Illinois, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Indianapolis, and other cities across the country. Many positions have due dates over break and in early January, so we encourage you to begin working on applications as soon as possible.

There are internship listings for criminal law, environmental law, labor and employment law, intellectual property law, state and federal government work, and full time job opportunities for December and May graduates.

Make use of your long winter break to begin planning for summer: update your resume, create cover letters, and make sure to pay attention to the job postings’ deadlines. The time to apply is now! The internship newsletter also has opportunities posted for December 2017 and May 2018 graduating seniors. December 2017 graduates – make sure you visit our blog post from last week about current job openings for you.

For anyone who has not applied to their prospective schools yet and wishes to start in fall 2018, FINISH YOUR APPLICATIONS! The time to submit is now!

For those of you who plan on applying to law school in Fall 2019, winter break is a great time to begin preparing for the LSAT. Over winter break, try to take a practice LSAT to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We’ve posted one over on our Compass page too. You can never start studying too early!  Additionally, this will provide you with some perspective that will help you gauge which LSAT prep company is the best for you at the 2018 LSAT Prep Fair on Tuesday February 6, from 4:00-6:00 pm in Illini Union Rooms B & C.

Save the Date for these Spring Semester events!

Monday January 29 – Pre-Law 101

4:00-5:00PM in 514 of the Illini Union Bookstore

Friday February 16 – Practice LSAT

8:00AM -12:00PM Illini Union Bookstore Building Room 514

This full length practice LSAT will be given in actual test conditions.

Monday February 26 – Negotiating Scholarships Workshop

5:00-6:15PM Location: 1090 Lincoln Hall

Featuring: Dean of Admissions Rebecca Ray from the University of Illinois College of Law, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions Amanda Noascono from DePaul University College of Law, and Assistant Dean for Admissions Nicole Vilches from Chicago-Kent College of Law

Enjoy your break and Happy Holidays!

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Job Opportunities for December Graduates

December Graduates: There are plenty of job opportunities for you! If you want to take a gap year or two before law school, a job at a law firm is a great idea. Law firms often hire recent graduates to be project assistants, junior paralegals, and legal assistants.

Current Openings:

Jenner & Block, Project Assistant

Chicago, Illinois Office

Job Description: The Project Assistant works under the supervision of a paralegal on all aspects of a case which includes creating and maintaining case files, assisting with trial preparation and performing document production.


Sinars Rollins, Legal Assistant

Chicago, Illinois Office

Job Description: With offices in Chicago and Edwardsville, Illinois, Sinars Rollins L.L.C. is dedicated to defending product manufacturers, premises owners, distributors and contractors in product liability and toxic tort claims. The job opening is for the Chicago, Illinois office.


Foley & Lardner, Intellectual Property Project Assistant

Madison, Wisconsin Office

Job Description:  The ideal candidate should have a college degree and either previous exposure to the field of Intellectual Property or an office environment. However, college graduates or self-starters with strong problem-solving skills, but no previous IP or office experience, will be considered. Candidate must have a working knowledge of Microsoft products and an accurate minimum typing speed of 50 wpm. Position requires excellent attention to detail, strong organizational and prioritization skills with the ability to meet deadlines. Analytical thinking and problem solving skills are essential.


King & Spalding, Project Assistant

Washington D.C. Office

Job Description: The Project Assistant is responsible for performing a variety of duties, under general supervision and according to established policies and procedures, to assist attorneys and paralegals, primarily with the Government Advocacy & Public Policy and Business Litigation Practice Groups, as well as any other team in need. Maintains positive contact with clients and observes confidentiality of client matters.


Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, Project Assistant

Washington D.C. Office

Job Description: Project Legal Assistants assist our legal staff in preparing for depositions, due diligence investigations, pre and post-closing transactional work, document productions, and hearings and trials. Under the appropriate supervision and reporting to the Legal Assistant Manager, the qualified candidate will effectively support attorneys and senior legal assistants on a wide range of legal tasks from case inception through case closure.


Sidley Austin, Project Assistant

Washington D.C.

Job Description: A two-year position supporting paralegals and attorneys in various practice groups. This position is an opportunity for individuals interested in law school to gain legal experience.


Kirkland & Ellis, Junior Paralegal

Los Angeles, CA Office

Job Description: The Los Angeles office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP is seeking a Litigation Jr. Paralegal who, under the supervision and direction of a Paralegal, helps to manage and organize the materials and information relating to particular matters and transactions. These duties allow them the opportunity to work with and assist our legal staff in preparing for depositions, due diligence investigations, document productions, trials. The projects typically involve basic file organization tasks and may require long hours and travel.


Cravath, Swaine, & Moore, Litigation Legal Assistant

New York, New York Office

Job Description: The Litigation Legal Assistant at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP works in a team environment assisting litigation attorneys in all phases of the litigation lifecycle, ranging from pre-complaint investigation through trial and appeal. This position is located in our New York office and the start date will be in December 2017 or January 2018.


There is also a job posting for a June 2018 start date:—june-2018-start/job

Make sure your resumes and cover letters have been reviewed before applying to these positions or any others. The Career Center is offering Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Reviews this week and next!

Friday December 1 from 2:00 – 4:30PM at the Career Center, Resource Center

Sunday December 3 from 4:00 – 9:00PM at the Undergraduate Library, Consultation Corner

Monday December 4 from 2:00 – 4:30PM at the Career Center, Resource Center

Tuesday December 5 from 2:00 – 4:30PM at the Career Center, Resource Center

Tuesday December 5 from 5:30 – 7:30PM  at the IKE, Room 1010A

The Career Center’s Resource Center is located at 715 S Wright St. Champaign, IL 61820, just across from the Alma Mater.

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