Tips and Tools for Researching Law Schools

Researching law schools is a critical part of the prelaw journey. Through this process, applicants will begin to understand all the available options. With approximately 200 ABA-approved law schools in the United States, it can feel challenging to know where to start!

In this post, applicants will learn the different criteria used to explore potential law schools and learn about some of the best tools available to assist with the process.

Let’s begin!

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Summer 2024: Read, Watch, Listen

Summer can be a great time to check out a new book, series, or podcast. Whether you are relaxing by the beach, reading for pleasure, or want to binge a new show, we’ve got you covered!

Every spring we survey our students and alumni on suggested picks. Check out some old favorites and new suggestions below!

Pre-Law Summer Book Club

We invite you to join us in reading The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein this summer. Then, you are welcome to join us in early fall for a casual conversation on the book. Stay tuned for additional details!

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2023 – 2024 Year In Review

The 2023 – 2024 academic year was busy and filled with many successes! To our UIUC pre-law students and alumni, congratulations on a successful academic year and application cycle!

We thank our UIUC pre-law student & alumni leaders, law expert volunteers, and all those who helped support our over 1500 prelaw Illini this academic year!

Read below for some highlights from this year!

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Let’s Talk About Financing Law School

Every year, PLAS meets with pre-law students and law school applicants to answer the question “How do I pay for law school?”

Law school can be expensive. Paying for law school will look different than paying for an undergraduate education. With the right knowledge, tools, and support you can make this process manageable and less intimidating. And PLAS is here to help.

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Back to School | Spring Preview

Spring semester is here and this is an important time to look ahead at what you can do to best prepare yourself for your future law school adventures, including planning your spring task list, finalizing summer plans, and revisiting timelines.

Below are some suggested areas to prioritize this spring, depending on your place in the journey to law school. Also included are some January Application Tips for those who are submitting applications this January!

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Taking Time Prior to Law School – Fall 2023 Gap Year(s) Panel

Taking time to pursue opportunities prior to law school can contribute significantly to an applicant’s success, and can ultimately offer an individual tremendous benefits personally, academically, and professionally. Whether you ultimately decide to pursue an opportunity prior to law or go “straight through”, every future applicant should consider how a timeline that includes a “gap year(s)” might enhance their application and contribute to their ultimate success as a law student!

Below is a collection of resources to assist in your decision-making!

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