Pre-Law Student Organizations at UIUC

Looking to get involved?  Want to connect with other pre-law students? Check out details and highlights for some of the University of Illinois pre-law student organizations!

UI Pre-Law Club

About: “The UI Pre-Law club gives students the opportunity to learn more about their pre-law journey. We host informational events with law school professors, and also host LSAT information sessions. Most importantly, we allow students to network with other pre-law students.”

How to get involved: There is no application deadline, nor GPA requirements. Members must pay dues. Contact the organization about joining.

How to connect:

    • Instagram: Uiprelaw
    • Facebook: UI Pre-Law Club
    • Website:
    • Email:

How to learn more: Email to join the email listserv. Check out the website.

Spring Update: Welcome Back Event on Thursday, January 27th at 7pm in room 1035 at the Campus Instructional Facility (CIF).


Pre-Law Honors Society

About: “The Pre-Law Honors Society is an organization that brings high-achieving undergraduate students closer to a future in the legal field. We educate members on the requirements and preparation needed to enter law school and a career in law through LSAT prep workshops, law school trips, networking opportunities, guest speakers, social events, and more.”

How to get involved: Applications are open in the first couple of weeks in the fall and spring semester. There is a minimum GPA requirement of 3.4 thus, you must have one semester completed. To apply, students must complete an application, attach their unofficial transcript and resume, and provide a 200-word statement on why they want to join. There is a one-time fee.

How to connect:

How to learn more: Visit the Instagram page for information on past events. Check out the website for information on how to apply as well as contact form to ask questions.

Additional: Pre-Law Honor Society is open to any student with even a slight interest in pursuing law – even those who haven’t decided if it’s for them yet. Members include a diverse group of students at every stage of their law school process and we want to welcome even more.

Spring Update: Spring 2022 applications are open and are due by February 6th at 5pm. Click here for more information.

Illinois Trial Team

About: “We are a pre-law organization that focuses on creating legal arguments, public speaking, and teamwork. Teams work together to analyze a case, create a theme and theory, and make arguments. We also offer fun social events, networking opportunities, and amazing academic resources.”

How to get involved: Tryouts take place at the beginning of the academic year, in the first few weeks of the fall semester. Members also must pay dues.

How to connect:

How to learn more: Check the organization website or reach out through website or Instagram.

MAFA (Minority Association for Future Attorneys)

About: “Founded to assist, support, and advance pre-law students on their journey to law school and becoming successful attorneys.”

How to connect:

How to learn more: Follow them on social media and join their email list by clicking here.

Kappa Alpha Pi

About: “Kappa Alpha Pi is a co-ed professional pre-law fraternity. We strive for excellence in professionalism and with our academics, while also creating a welcoming organization.”

How to get involved:  New member recruitment “rush” is a multi-week process and requires payment of dues. The recruitment process typically begins at the beginning of the fall semester and ends in mid September.

How to connect:

How to learn more: Check out the Instagram and/or the KAP website.

Spring Update: Info night on Thursday, January 27th at 6pm in 1320 at the Digital Computer Lab

Phi Alpha Delta

About: “Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is the largest professional law fraternity in the United States. Founded in 1902, P.A.D. has since grown to 717 established pre-law, law, and alumni chapters and over 330,000 initiated members.”

How to get involved: There is no application deadline nor requirements besides completing local and national dues. Contact the organization about joining.

How to get connect:

How to learn more: Reach out via email or direct message on Instagram.

Phi Delta Phi

About: “Founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan, Phi Delta Phi is the nation’s oldest legal honor society in continual existence. Phi Delta Phi boasts one of the most impressive lists of alumni out there, offering some of the best membership benefits available, and creating a space for like-minded individuals to gather. Regardless of if you are interested in law school or not, this organization has something to offer you, and will bolster your experience as an undergraduate. Whether you are looking for a place to network, a place to learn, or simply a community of accepting individuals, this organization has something to offer.”

How to get involved: They have recruitment periods at the beginning of every semester. This entails both an application and interview process prior to acceptance.

How to connect:

    • Instagram:
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
    • Email:

How to learn more: Connect with Phi Delta Phi on Instagram or via email at if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Law Review

About: “The Review aims to shine a light on legal issues that affect the broader Champaign-Urbana community. We’re comprised of two organizational bodies – the executive board and the editorial board – and spend the year researching, developing, and ultimately writing articles on legal topics.”

How to get involved: The application period generally runs from late August through mid to late September, during which time the application is live on our website. Throughout the year, we consider membership requests depending on the size and progress of our organization (so don’t hesitate to reach out at any time of the year).

How to connect:

How to learn more: Visit our website, contact the president, or reach out via GetInvolved tab.

Additional: No prior experience or particular set of interests is required; we are open to anyone who would like to apply.