Pre-Law Student Organizations

Looking for ways to connect with fellow peers interested in law school?   

Seeking leadership roles and activities to demonstrate your interest in the legal profession? 

We often hear from students looking for ways to be involved with pre-law activities and connect with fellow students interested in law school.  Extracurricular activities provide excellent opportunities to obtain leadership experience, gain additional insights about law school, and demonstrate your interest in the legal profession.  Recently we asked pre-law organizations at UIUC to share details about their organizations with us.  As you make plans for the upcoming year,  be sure to check out these highlighted organizations!

University of Illinois Pre-Law Club

University of Illinois Pre-Law Club is a professional student organization that helps students explore career paths with their Pre-Law track, learn from legal professionals, prepare the most successful law school applications, and build their law career. Pre-Law Club connects students with resources to assist them in their Pre-Law journey both on-campus and with test prep partners, such as The Princeton Review and LSATMax.


  • Illinois Trial Team

The Illinois Trial team is a law based competition program where students can learn the basics of trial advocacy. Members learn how to make legal arguments, think critically, and how to perfect their presentational skills. They simulate the trial experience by imitating attorneys and witnesses as we compete against other teams.

    • How to Join: There is a two round try out process that takes place in late August to early September.
    • Learn More: Check out their website: and/or their Instagram: Illinois Trial Team
    • Connect via Social Media: Instagram/Twitter: @illinoistrialteam


  • Minority Association for Future Attorneys (MAFA)

Founded to assist and forward pre-law students, their journey to law school, and becoming successful attorneys.

    • Learn More: Follow them on social media and join their email list by clicking here.
    • Connect via Social Media: Twitter: @MAFA_UIUC and Instagram: @mafa_uiuc


Pre-Law Honors Society

The Pre-Law Honors Society of the University of Illinois seeks to provide activities and opportunities that will facilitate the needs and wants of pre-law students who have achieved high honors at the undergraduate level. Through such activities, they strive to further educate members on the requirements and preparation needed to enter a law school as well as any legal profession. One of their main goals is to create a productive and friendly environment for students who are interested in the study of law and to provide them with various resources regarding the law school application process. In doing so, PLHS offers its members various opportunities to be further explored at their own interest.


Kappa Alpha Pi (KAP)

Kappa Alpha Pi fraternity focuses on growing its members’ professional skills while also giving them access to law school related resources such as LSAT prep and advice from law school admissions counselors during our annual KAP Conference. They hosts events all year round that promote a sense of community, teach our members essential career-building skills, expose their members to different legal opportunities, and provide them with the resources to succeed.

    • How to Join: Each semester Kappa Alpha Pi holds a recruitment process that consists of multiple rounds of interviews. An interested student can contact them at any point during the school year and they will add them to their contact list where they will be notified about when the next rush process will be.
    • Learn More: KAP is active on their instagram page, which is @illinoiskap. If a student has questions, they are always welcome to email them at
    • Connect via Social Media: Instagram: @illinoiskap
Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

Phi Alpha Delta is a Pre-Law Professional Fraternity. Members have access to a network of thousands of PAD members, both pre-law and law students, as well as events held by both national and local organizations. Some examples of events PAD has done: talks with senators, judge speakers, linkedin and resume workshops, study parties, internship opportunities, and much more.

    • How to Join: Students can join Phi Alpha Delta at any time. Contact the following email for further instruction:
    • Learn More: Dm PAD on Instagram or send us an email!
    • Connect via Social Media: Instagram: @uiuc_pad


Phi Delta Phi

Founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan, Phi Delta Phi is the nation’s oldest legal honor society in continual existence, predating even the American Bar Association. Throughout its 150 years of existence, Phi Delta Phi has become an international powerhouse, boasting one of the most impressive lists of alumni out there, offering some of the best membership benefits available, and creating a space for like-minded individuals to gather. Regardless of if you are interested in law school or not, this organization has something to offer you, and will bolster your experience as an undergraduate. Whether you are looking for a place to network, a place to learn, or simply a community of accepting individuals, this organization has something to offer.

    • How to Join: Phi Delta Phi has recruitment periods at the beginning of every semester. This entails both an application and interview process prior to acceptance.
    • Learn More: Feel free to connect with Phi Delta Phi on Instagram or via email at if you have any questions.
    • Connect via Social Media: Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:
Undergraduate Law Review

The undergraduate law review is a group of students with an interest in law and relevant legal/political issues. Each year, in teams of writing blocs, the students research and write articles under an overall theme. These articles (typically numbering 3-4 per year, one per bloc) are all published on the UGLR website in the spring.

    • How to Join: Interested students are welcome to apply at the beginning of each semester (preferably in the fall). The organization does run on a year-long publication timeline, but sometimes openings arise during the middle of the year which an eager student could certainly fill.
    • Learn More: Interested students can visit the UGLR’s website to get a sense of its mission and to read past volumes.

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