2020 Internship Newsletter

Winter Break provides a perfect opportunity to research and prepare applications for internship opportunities.  To help with your process, we have compiled a collection of internship opportunities and resources – as well as a wide variety of information about pre-law programs, gap-year opportunities, and general tips and advice in the 2020 Internship Newsletter.  You can access the newsletter through the Pre-Law Compass page.

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Be Proactive!

Cast your net wide and look for opportunities in a variety of settings… 

    • Consider opportunities close to home at local organizations or offices – such as legal aid, city offices, or non-for profit organizations.  Contact bar associations or local/state agencies to see if opportunities are available.
    • If you have limited flexibility in your location this summer – don’t rule out opportunities in long-distance locations.  Many organizations may have adapted opportunities for remote experience or may be willing to do so.
    • If available, check with the career services office in your college of department for opportunities.  Talk with your professors about your interest – ask for their recommendations.
    • Research professional organizations related to your interests – many have scholarship or internship opportunities for college students!

Keep in mind logistics of applying…

    • Some opportunities may have deadlines prior to the beginning of next semester or in early February.  You may need letters of recommendation or transcripts.  Check these requirements and schedule time before the end of semester to reach out to professors or make requests for records before break.
    • Start prepping your materials.  Plan to review and update your resume over winter break so that you are ready to apply as applications come due.  Some applications may require brief essays – identify these and begin writing drafts.
    • Take advantage of services through the Pre-Law Advising Office, The Career Center, and Writers Workshop to prefect your application materials.
    • Create a calendar and timeline with all relevant dates.  Include dates for completion and due date (be mindful of rolling applications).  Make a spreadsheet that includes application items needed, deadlines, methods for submissions – update as you complete items.

Freshman or Sophomore? Many opportunities are limited to juniors and seniors – research now and think ahead to opportunities that you are interested in…

    • Identify opportunities you may wish to apply for in future years.  Consider the qualifications they are looking for in their applications.
    • Look for volunteer or work opportunities this summer that will build relevant credentials and help prepare you for applications in a future summer.
    • Consider courses that can enhance your skills and knowledge.  Courses can also demonstrate interest in particular fields or areas of work.

Good Luck!