T-minus 5 Days: Illinois Law Fair

Hello ILLINI!  We are 5 days away from the annual Illinois Law Fair!

This year’s virtual Fair will look a bit different from prior years, but will still offer the same unique opportunity to interact with law admissions representatitives from across the country!  Below are a few logistical steps and details to assist in your Law Fair prep!

Pre-Fair Preparation
    • Register Now!  Reigstration is online and completely free.  Be sure to register early to not miss out on any pre-fair communications.
    • Attend one of the Pre-Fair Workshops on Monday, October 12 (12:00 pm or 4:30 pm)!
    • Explore law schools in advance and let schools know you are interested in advance! Details below…
Exploring Schools & Expressing Interest
    • Each law school has a profile page which provides important details about the school and availablity during the upcoming Fair.  Be sure you have reviewed details about each of your schools as chat room times and topics may vary slightly by school.
    • TIP: Search for schools on the CareerEco site in advance by listing “JD” in the degree search field, and “law” under area of study.  You can also search by location and school name!
    • TIP: Be sure to filter and pay close attention to the institution you are visiting as some schools may have multiple departments participating.  For example – The University of Illinois College of Law will be present, as will the University of Illinois College of Medicine.
    • TIP:  Let law schools know you are interested in advance by checking the “interest” box on the school profile page.  Schools may wish to reach out to you in advance about special opportunities or scheduling private chats.
Additional Logistics
    • Format & Instructions: Schools may host presentations, chat rooms, and individual chat sessions during the fair.  Learn more about navigating the CareerEco platform through the online tutorials.
    • Dress Code:  Chat rooms may have video enabled for either the chat room or for individual chat sessions.   We encourage business casual dress for the fair – no PJs!
    • Chat Room Schedule:  Be sure to review the chat room schedule in advance and plan your day!