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Please see the following recently announced updates to the August 2020 LSAT Administration…

August 2020 LSAT Administration Updates

Given the continuing COVID-19 emergency, the LSAT-Flex will be offered in August  instead of the in-person LSAT scheduled for August 29 (U.S. and Canada). The August LSAT-Flex will be administered starting Saturday, August 29. Most test takers will test on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, with a small number of tests occurring later in the week based on specific remote proctoring requirements. LSAC will continue to provide loaner devices and quiet, internet-equipped places to test for candidates that need assistance, to help maintain diversity, equity, and opportunity in the face of COVID-19. Due to the demands of the LSAT-Flex administration, this will be an undisclosed test. The targeted score release date is Friday, September 18.

  • Any candidate who is already registered for the August 29 LSAT may either take the August LSAT-Flex or opt out and receive a coupon which can be applied to any future test between October 2020 and April 2021. Current August registrants should visit their LSAC account and submit the online form with their choice. If no election is made by July 15, candidates will be automatically registered for the August LSAT-Flex on or about July 16. Note: Candidates may withdraw from the August LSAT-Flex any time up to August 21, 2020 and receive the coupon. After the withdrawal deadline, no coupon will be provided.
  • Any candidate who does not have the necessary equipment or an appropriate place to test should alert LSAC to their situation via the same online form in their LSAC account no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, Sunday, August 9, 2020.
  • Because the August LSAT-Flex is an online, remotely proctored test, LSAC will offer a variety of test start times for candidates to choose from. The scheduling sign-up process will open in mid-August.


Update to LSAT Writing Sample Requirements:

In response to feedback from member law schools, LSAC is reinstating the requirement that all test takers must have a completed LSAT Writing sample on file before they will receive their score for the August LSAT-Flex or future tests. The writing sample has been a required part of the LSAT for decades.  Law schools expect to see the LSAT writing sample when they review a candidate’s application and many schools have reported that they now find the writing sample even more valuable due to the improved readability of the online LSAT Writing format introduced in June 2019.

To help candidates complete the writing portion of their test, LSAC will now open LSAT Writing eight (8) days prior to every test administration. Candidates may complete their LSAT Writing at the time and date that is most convenient to them, but we will not release scores to candidates or schools until a candidate has a completed writing sample in their file. Candidates only need one writing sample. August (and future) test takers who already have a writing sample on file from a previous exam do not need to complete a new LSAT Writing sample.


For additional information about the LSAT-Flex visit the FAQ page.

For candidates who want to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the LSAT-Flex, free Official LSAT Prep practice tests are available on LSAC’s LawHub.

For more information about LSAT Writing, see https://www.lsac.org/lsat/taking-lsat/about-lsat-writing