Digital LSAT Update

So you all know that 2019 is the year the LSAT changes from a paper-and-pencil test to a digital exam administered on a tablet.  In fact, the June 2019 is the final all paper version of the LSAT. The July 2019 LSAT is the transition test – half of the registrants will be taking the paper version and half will be taking the digital version.  Registrants will not know prior to entering their test centers which LSAT version they will be given. In consideration of all this, the LSAC is allowing students to actually see their scores and then decide whether to cancel.  Note: the July 2019 LSAT is the first, last and ONLY time LSAC will permit test takers to see their results before deciding whether to cancel their scores.  If all of this news is catching you by surprise, here are links to previous blog posts explaining the changes.

Since the conversion to digital format was announced last fall, the LSAC and several commercial LSAT prep companies have been working to convert practice LSAT materials from paper to digital to help prepare test takers for this change.  You can find the FREE LSAC digital practice information and practice tests here. And don’t forget about the FREE LSAT prep course offered by Khan Academy.  Go here for more information.

Our office has also been contacted by some of the commercial LSAT test prep companies about their efforts in this arena.  Each of those companies listed below offer some FREE LSAT prep materials, as well as their LSAT prep materials at various prices.  We encourage you to review all of this information before making any purchasing decisions.  These companies have provided the following links to allow varying degrees of access to their digital LSAT prep materials.


LSATMax is offering a FREE sampling of their test prep courses for all students.  Click on the link above and follow the instructions on their website to learn more. LSATMax has a large inventory of LSAT prep materials, including actual previously administered LSATs, in the digital format that has been adopted by the LSAC for its upcoming digital conversion.  In addition to its comprehensive courses, beginning at $749 (with payment plans available), LSATMax also offers individual previously administered LSATs in digital format, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99 per test.  So for those of you who do not want to purchase an entire class from LSATMax, you can simply purchase any or all of the the previously administered tests in the new digital format. And the latest course offering from LSATMax includes a brand new iPad.  Go here for more info:


TestMasters offers LSAT digital practice materials, some of which can be accessed for FREE.  For the access code, go here  Follow the prompts to set up your account.  TestMasters is giving UIUC students free access to up to three digital practice LSATs.  After completing a digital test, students will receive a week of online access to personalized score reports, comprehensive written and video explanations for the questions on the exam and 24/7 academic support from their instructors.


All students can access Blueprint’s proprietary Law School Compass and other  FREE LSAT resources with a FREE MyBlueprint account. Click on this link to create a free account:

Blueprint also offers FREE webinars to students, as well as on-campus events. Pre-Law Students can learn more and register for sessions here:

Note: PLAS does not endorse any commercial test prep companies.  However, in the interest of helping students access as much digital LSAT prep material as possible, we have posted information from the above test prep companies to ease test takers’ transition to the new digital format. We would welcome and post information from other commercial test prep companies not listed here about their digital materials.  Interested companies should email Jamie Thomas-Ward at with information about your digital LSAT offerings.