LSAT Fee Waivers–NOW is the time to apply!

We’ve been talking a lot about upcoming LSAT changes, and we know that there will be high demand for this summer’s LSAT exams. Did you know that you can obtain an LSAC fee waiver that will cover the cost of the Law School Admission Test? This blog post will share what it is, why it is important, and  how to get it–as well as why you need to apply for it NOW if you plan to take the June or July exam.

What is the LSAC fee waiver?

The Law School Admission Council oversees both the LSAT and the law school application process. Applicants can apply for a fee waiver which, if granted, will waive any fees for:

  • Two LSAT exam registrations (currently valued at $190 each) (plus $15 for the writing section)
  • Credential Assembly Service (required for applying to law schools; currently valued at $195); and
  • Four Law School Reports (one is required for each law school application; currently valued at $45 each for a total of $180).
  • Total value of the LSAC fee waiver (if LSAT is taken twice) = $755

And it’s even more valuable than that. Why?

The LSAC fee waiver is even more valuable than the amounts listed above. Why? Many law schools will waive their application fees (generally $75-100 per school) for applicants who have received an LSAC waiver. Some LSAT prep companies will also offer scholarships to students with an LSAC waiver.

How can you apply? What’s the timeline?

The application process is entirely online. The LSAC advises applicants to apply at least six weeks prior to the registration deadline of the LSAT you wish to take. For this June’s LSAT, the registration deadline is April 24, and six weeks before that is March 13–the application deadline for a June LSAT waiver.

HOWEVER, applying early will be important this year.  We expect the June LSAT to fill VERY QUICKLY (registration is already open) this year because it is the last paper and pencil LSAT ever–so it would be wise to register ASAP if this test site is your preferred location.Getting your application materials in early will help ensure that you get the waiver in time to get a seat at the June LSAT.

We also expect the July LSAT to fill quickly (registration is already open) because test takers for this test only will have the opportunity to cancel their score and retake for free. So applying now for the fee waiver will allow you to get the waiver in time to get a seat at the July exam.

You will need tax documents, so make sure you collect those.

The entire application process is explained here: