BIG June and July 2019 LSAT Registration news!

The LSAC has just announced that registration for the June 2019 LSAT–the final paper and pencil LSAT–will open on December 12. If it is important to you to take the test in a paper format, then you’ll want to register ASAP because demand is extremely high and it will fill quickly. We suggest putting a reminder on your calendar and registering first thing when you wake up on Dec. 12 to ensure that you get a seat.

Surprise: The LSAC also announced that registration for the July 2019 LSAT will open on that same date.  Again, demand for the July exam will be very high, so register ASAP on Dec. 12 if that’s the one you want. The July exam will mark the transition from paper to digital, and test takers for July ONLY will be assigned to take either the paper or the tablet based test. Note: Test takers will not know in advance which format they are taking. Test takers–again ONLY for the July exam–will be able to view their score and cancel it…and those who do cancel their score will get a free LSAT retake. Find more details here.

Another important note: The LSAC has just posted which 2019-20 LSATs will be disclosed, and which will be nondisclosed, here.  Why is that important? Disclosed tests mean that test takers will receive their full answer sheets with their scores and will be able to see each question that they got correct and incorrect, which helps when preparing for a retake. Nondisclosed tests mean that test takers will ONLY get a score–no answer sheet and no report about which questions were correct and incorrect.

We are closely monitoring these changes and will continue to post updates as they arise. LSAT details and registration can be found here.