December LSAT Reminders

The December LSAT is set for December 3, less than two months away.  If you are planning on taking the December LSAT, here are some suggestions to get your preparation going:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, register ASAP!  The regular registration deadline is October 18.  The late registration deadline is October 25.  For those of you waiting for your September results, LSAC indicates they will be released on October 20, which falls after the regular registration deadline but before the late registration deadline.  LSAC’s policy with regard to this situation is as follows:
    If you missed the regular registration deadline for the upcoming LSAT because you were waiting for your score from the previous administration, you are eligible, upon request, for a refund of the late fee that you incur during the late registration period. After you register for the upcoming test, submit a written request for a refund of the late fee within 4 days after the late registration deadline. Please note that late fee refunds will be issued only to those who received a valid score for the prior administration. Refunds will not be issued to those who were absent, cancelled their score, or were dismissed from the test.”  Go here for information about the LSAC’s LSAT fee refund request process.
  2. Join a study group. Do you work better in a group setting? Would the accountability of a study group help you in your LSAT preparation? The Pre-Law office is working  to facilitate the creation of LSAT study groups but so far only two students have completed the survey.  If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, go here ASAP to complete the Google survey. The deadline for study group request submissions is MONDAY, OCTOBER 24! 
  3. Clear your schedule!  Whether this is your first time taking the LSAT or a retake, you need to make this a priority by setting aside as much time as possible for your test prep.  Remember:  a good LSAT score will not only help you with admissions but will also help with merit-based scholarships. Maximizing your LSAT test prep time investment now could minimize your financial investment later!!
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