Law School Open Houses and Tours – To Go or Not to Go?

The answer: go! Try to attend as many open houses and tours as you can. Make the time now to attend these events to visit the school, see what you think of the location, observe a class or two if possible, and consider other factors that are important to you. Attending open houses will make your law school decision much easier later on.

Once the Law School Fair is over on Tuesday, you should begin planning and registering for open houses and touring schools. Listed below are the open houses or tour opportunities for schools in Illinois.

Open House/Tour Info for Illinois Law Schools 2016-2017

Note, the first open house is THIS weekend at John Marshall on October 8. The next one is on October 15 at Chicago-Kent.

Please check our Compass page for more information. The information is located in Compass under the “Applying to Law School Folder.”

Once you decide to attend a law school open house or tour, here are a few things you should do.

  1. REGISTER! Make you are following the school’s directions and reserve a spot for the open house or tour.
  2. Dress professionally for the event. Likely the open houses will have a business casual dress code. Tours may be more casual attire, but check with the school and see what they encourage prospective students to wear.
  3. Read the website and be familiar with the time, date, where to park, and what to bring to the event.

Also, research schools that you are considering out of state. Most schools offer open houses throughout the year and regular tours. Make use of the week off for Thanksgiving break and the long winter break for farther distance trips. Schedule these events early!