What to do with your spring break: Internships, Jobs, Summer Programs, LSAT Prep

How can you maximize your spring break? First things first: Get some sleep, watch Netflix, visit your family and friends. Then take a look at these lists to be super productive and make the rest of your semester SO much easier.

Freshmen and Sophomores:

  • Summer Jobs and Internships. Do you have summer plans locked down? If not, apply for jobs and internships. Check out our internship newsletter over on our Compass page. We’ve also listed many internships on our Facebook page and on our blog–including the brand new listing below!  Use the search box on either of these to find internships. You should also be checking I-Link regularly (or set it to email you when new listings appear).

NEW Internship opportunity:

Pre-Law Advising Services works with local law firms to establish internship opportunities for Illinois pre-law students. We are happy to announce a NEW internship opportunity! We post opportunities like this one over on our Facebook page too.

Steigmann Law, P.C., a young law firm in Champaign-Urbana, is looking for interns who want to be involved in a fast paced, high-tech, multi-area, legal environment. Steigmann Law, PC engages in personal injury, medical malpractice, family law, civil litigation, real estate, criminal, DUI and wills and estate work. Attorneys at Steigmann Law, PC have had experience in both public and private sectors of work, including small and large law firms and are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Interns jobs will vary, and be assigned based on capabilities, but may include medical record organization, filing, abstracting depositions, assisting in trial preparations, Court filings, and attending depositions and Court hearings and legal marketing. Work times are flexible and we are willing to work around your academic schedule. Please email resumes and cover letters to bholder@steigmannlaw.com.

  • Summer Pre-Law Programs. Apply for summer pre-law programs. These are typically 4 week residential programs to teach basics of law and how to prepare for law school, and most are free and come with a stipend for selected students. We have posted several in our blog and on our Facebook page, including those at University of Wisconsin and in Maine. Take a look at the Summer Pre-Law Programs spreadsheet on our Compass page, listing over 40 summer programs, for even more opportunities. Note: Some deadlines have passed and others are April 1, so apply SOON.

Juniors and Seniors Applying This Fall:

  • Make your LSAT plans. 
    • Taking the June LSAT? You should already have selected your prep option and started studying. Spring break is a great time to crank up your LSAT studying. We are still matching June LSAT Study Groups–you can complete the form here. Tip: REGISTER FOR THE JUNE LSAT NOW, because the popular test sites do fill up around spring break each year.
    • Taking the September LSAT? Now is the time to research LSAT prep options. Check out the LSAT Preparation folder over on our Compass page for information on free LSAT resources as well as listings of popular LSAT prep companies, including discounts they are offering to Illinois students.
  • Decide who will be your recommendation writers. You will want to approach them by this May/June so that they have plenty of time to write the letter and your performance is still fresh in their mind.
  • Register for the Credential Assembly Service. This is the account you will need to open in order to have your recommendation letters processed. Once you set it up, your account is good for five years. You can read all about it here.
  • Mark your calendars. We have upcoming workshops just for you that you should plan to attend. Find them all on our Event Calendar.
    • April 1: Financing Law School: A Webinar
    • April 8: Loan Repayment: Road to Zero, a Webinar for Pre-Law Students
    • April 18: Applying to Law School
    • April 27: Perfecting Your Personal Statement & Resume

Seniors taking a gap year (or two) prior to law school:

  • It’s still a good idea to decide who on campus can write your recommendations, and approach them by the end of the school year. If you wait a year or more the professor is sometimes gone, on sabbatical, retired, etc., so it’s still a good idea to get them now. Register for the Credential Assembly Service as listed above so that you can send the letters in to your account.
  • We will have a special workshop on Making the Most of Your Gap Year on April 12 at 4:00. This workshop will cover how you can maximize your postgraduate time to make yourself an even better law school candidate, and we will share a timeline and game plan for applying to law school as a working professional. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from a current law student who worked for 3 years prior to law school and ask him any questions.
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