The Finish Line is Right Around the Corner!

October LSAT takers may be tempted to take a break following an exhausting test and the anxiety that comes along with waiting for scores, but now is the time to push through the finish line. Finishing the application process will feel better than any perceived benefit of waiting. For those students who are taking the December LSAT, use this time to finish everything else necessary so you can send your applications in as soon as you receive your scores.

All students applying this cycle should take the time to review their applications before they submit them. Make sure all of your materials are ready to go. Make a checklist for each school that you plan to apply to and double-check to ensure you have met all of requirements of each school. It would be a shame to have the GPA, LSAT score and intangibles to make it into your dream school only to be denied because you forgot something.

If you have yet to complete your application materials, look through some of the resources we have made available to you. If you need help with you personal statement, check out our blog entry “The LSAT is Over – Time to Focus on Your Personal Statement” or sign up for our “Perfecting Your Personal Statement & Resume for Law School” seminar taking place next Tuesday, November 10 at 4:00 pm in IUB 503 (registration is necessary). If you have questions about completing the character and fiction portion of your application, check out “A Refresher on Character and Fitness.”

Also be sure to take check out the various resources available on our Compass page and to take advantage of your own personal networks. Speak with your advisors, fellow students, parents, siblings and any one else who may help to ensure that your application wows admission committees. The end is in sight so keep up the good work.

Good luck on your applications!