Important Info for Oct LSAT takers

October LSAT takers, today we have some important info to share with you about two topics: 1)Whether you should retake the LSAT in December, and 2) What you need to know about registration for December’s LSAT.

Before we get to those topics, we want to hear from you! We invite you to click here to share how you prepped for the October LSAT in this short survey we are conducting. We will use the info to help advise future students about satisfaction with various LSAT prep options.

Should you retake the LSAT in December? Weighing this decision
Many people find themselves anxiously awaiting their October LSAT scores in order to decide whether to retake in December. Then they receive their score…and they still don’t know whether they should retake. What are the important elements to consider when making this decision?

  • Is your score consistent with (meaning, within 2-3 points of) your practice test scores? If so, this suggests that you did demonstrate your ability and this score was not an anomaly.
  • What is a realistic outcome of retaking? Here’s the data.
    • The LSAC’s own data show that the average LSAT retaker scores within 2 points of what they scored on their first exam. In their study, 66% of LSAT retakers who originally scored a 155 improved, on average scoring a 157 on their second exam. However, 25% of those retakers did worse on their second LSAT, and 8% scored the same.
    • What about Illinois’ LSAT retakers? To give you an even better idea of your retaking odds, we studied the data of Illinois students and alums and put it on our Pre-Law Compass page for you. (In Compass, click on LSAT Preparation and then Should you retake the LSAT?) For University of Illinois retakers, 53% scored an average of 2 points higher on a second LSAT, 15% of retakers scored worse and 7% scored the same. Nearly 25% of that group cancelled the score or were absent for that second LSAT.
  • Do you have the time/energy/focus to consistently keep your LSAT prep going until Dec. 5? This is an especially important consideration for the December exam because it is around fall break/holidays, close to finals, and a time when many people need to fully focus on their academic work. It is very important that your academics do not suffer for the sake of your LSAT score.
  • Do you want to apply Early Decision at any law school? Most Early Decision programs will not accept the December score, so this is an important factor.
  • Want to talk it over? It can be helpful to talk with an advisor to help you weigh important factors in this decision. Feel free to make an appointment by calling 333-9669.

What you need to know: Important LSAC updates for December retakers
As you may have noticed, the LSAC changed the December registration date to October 23. This can make it difficult for October takers, who won’t receive your score until October 28.

UPDATE 10/23: The LSAC released the October LSAT scores early, on Oct. 22, so that October takers could have their score prior to the December deadline. Because of this early score release, they will no longer be offering refunds on late fees. THE REGULAR DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR THE DECEMBER LSAT IS TODAY, OCTOBER 23. LATE REGISTRATION CLOSES NOVEMBER 3.

  • On behalf of our LSAT takers, we have contacted the LSAC to request a change to upcoming registration dates so that students would have their LSAT scores MORE than 24 hours before registration is due.
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