LSAT Update

We have lots of LSAT news to share today! First up are some reminders for Test Day for those of you taking the LSAT next week. Then we’ll include an update about registration for those of you planning for the October LSAT.

For June LSAT Takers
You’ve been prepping and you’re ready. As you enter the final week of prep, be sure to review the LSAC’s Day of the Test overview here. You may need to prep a few test-day items. Some highlights:

  • Bring valid government ID along with 3-4 No. 2 pencils (not mechanical pencils).
  • You will also need to obtain a passport-style photo¬†for your admission ticket.
  • Remember to bring a snack in a ziploc bag! It’s a long test. You’ll need it.
  • No cell phones–this has been a problem at some test sites! DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE.
  • Digital watches are not allowed–only analog watches can be used.
  • No purses, backpacks, or earplugs are allowed.

For October LSAT Takers
Registration is now open for the October LSAT and closes August 28. Early registration is recommended so that you can get a seat at your preferred test site. To see future test dates or to register, visit LSAT Dates and Deadlines.

Good luck on your LSAT prepping!