Looking for a summer course?

Pre-Law students come from every major and have a wide variety of interests. Law schools have no specific prerequisites beyond having a Bachelor’s degree and building writing, research, communication, and analytical skills. If you’re a pre-law student looking for a summer course, here are some options that may interest you. NO SPECIFIC CLASSES ARE REQUIRED FOR LAW SCHOOL AND THESE ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS. Check out Course Explorer for more options.

PHIL 102  Summer Session I
Instructor:  Professor T. McCarthy, tgmccart@illinois.edu
This is the standard introduction to logic and critical thinking taken by both philosophy majors and by students that require a background in basic logic for other fields.  This course will emphasize the concepts, methods and examples that have become increasingly relevant to pre-professional training for law and medicine and for the social sciences.  The LSAT exam has long emphasized problems requiring special sorts of inference (causal inference, statistical inference, truth-functional and analogical inference, in particular) relevant to legal study.

Special stress will be put on substantive examples from recent health, science and environmental policy, including inferences surrounding the issue of climate change and arguments concerning vaccination.  Requirements:  Daily assignments, discussed cooperatively in class, and 4 tests, one at the end of each week.  The homework and exam problems will be taken in part from LSAT and MCAT sample exams.

Psych and Law (Psych 468), Summer Session II 
Prerequisite: Six hours of social science. In this class, we will discuss issues at the interface of psychology and the law. We will cover topics such as age, gender and race discrimination, eyewitness memory, polygraph testing, interrogations and false confessions.

UP335: Cities and Immigrants (online) Summer II
This course introduces students to the experiences of foreign-born residents living in U.S. cities, towns, and rural communities. We examine the local policies that both welcome and integrate immigrants as well as those policies that restrict and exclude immigrants. By the end of the course, students will better understand the reasons for anti-immigrant backlash, the economic opportunities of immigration, and ways in which immigrants claim their right to the city. Students will have the option to participate in several half-day field trips in the Chicago area. Watch the video for more information. https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/media/UP+335+Online+-+Informational+Video/1_ioktgjvn/9425781

Popular Political Science classes for pre-law students offered this summer

  • PS 301: US Constitution I, Summer I
  • PS 280: Intro to International Relations,Summer II
  • PS 303: United States Congress, Summer II
  • PS 305: United States Supreme Court, Summer II

Popular Communication classes for pre-law students offered this summer

  • CMN 211: Business Communication, offered Summer I and Summer II
  • CMN 220: Communicating Public Policy, Summer II
  • CMN 230: Intro to Interpersonal Communication, Summer I

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Check out Course Explorer for more details and to explore all of the Summer I and II course options.