I decided on a law school. What now? A checklist.

Many Illini have already gotten their admissions offers and decided on a law school. Congratulations! So…now what?

Post-decision Checklist
1. Follow instructions from the school to tell them you’re accepting their offer. Usually this is done online, followed by making a seat deposit payment.

2. After you’ve accepted Law School A’s offer of admission, contact the other schools to let them know that you’ve made your decision. They are waiting on you to decline your offer before they can extend offers to more applicants. Either follow their online instructions for declining admission or send them an email with your decision. This can be brief: Thanks very much for your offer of admission, but I have chosen to attend Law School A. Best wishes, Me.

3. Complete your FAFSA and any other scholarship materials that Law School A requests.

4. Join your law school’s incoming class Facebook or Google group. Ask the admissions office for leads on new roommates or information on housing. Many law schools will offer a guide on housing options and roommate matches.

5. Make sure to submit all seat deposits on time. Usually there are 2 seat deposits, and failing to pay either one by the deadlines given will not secure your law school seat.

6. Explore all of your housing options. Think carefully about what you need from housing: Where will you study? If you plan to study at home, you must consider roommate interruptions and how quiet you will need it. If you plan to study at school, you will want to consider proximity to school and how much time you want to spend commuting.

7. Follow up with the financial aid office. Make sure you understand your financial aid offer. Is your scholarship contingent on maintaining a GPA? Is it renewable? How and when will it be disbursed? Remember: You will need to make a rent deposit and buy books before your financial aid will be disbursed. Budget accordingly.

8. Send a final UIUC transcript after you’ve graduated to your law school.


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