Mark Your Calendars: Week of Dec. 8

We made it! It’s the last week of the semester before finals. Here’s a roundup of opportunities for this week.

Attention December LSAT Test Takers — Personal Statement Appointment Times

For those of you taking the December LSAT, we wanted to remind you that once the test is over, you should continue working on your personal statement(s).  If you want to discuss your personal statements or essays over Winter Break, we strongly recommend that you call the week of Dec. 8 to schedule your appointment. We will have appointments available until Dec. 23 before closing the office for the holidays. We will reopen on Monday, January 5, 2015, and will have limited appointments available until spring semester begins.

PLAS Annual Internship Newsletter — Coming FRIDAY, December 19!

Winter break is the perfect time for undergrads to look for internships.  And if you are graduating in May and are still figuring out what to do next year, this is the time to rev up your job search.  Our annual Internship Newsletter is a great resource to help you identify resources to find that coveted internship or job!  We will announce its posting via the PLAS Blog, Facebook and Twitter, but it will only be accessible through Compass.  Don’t forget to check it out!

Campus Events

Office of Undergraduate Research – Spring 2015 Conference Travel Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) at the University of Illinois is pleased to announce its Spring 2015 competition for conference travel grants to subsidize the presentation of undergraduate research at professional conferences. (Please note, this is for conference travel only; applications for a grant for research travel is a separate application and process.)

Proposals should be submitted at deadline for submission is December 11, 2014.  In order to apply, students will need to have information on the conference dates and location, evidence that conference participation has been confirmed, estimated expenses, and possible support from mentors and departments.

Please note that Spring 2015 conference travel grants are designed for students to present their research during the Spring 2015 semester.

In addition, these conference travel grants are not designed to cover the entire cost of student participation (some departmental or college contribution is encouraged) nor can the grant be used to cover post conference participation. Questions should be directed to

Career Center

The Career Center is sponsoring the following workshops. Check their website at for more details.

  • All week (check their online calendar)–Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Career Center Paraprofessional Hiring Info Session–Tues, Dec. 9, 5-6 pm
    Career Services Paraprofessionals are charged with the following responsibilities:
    • Work a minimum of 8 hours per week
    • Attend required Thursday bi-weekly meetings @6pm
    • Participate in project work that supports TCC’s initiatives
    • Interact with The Career Center via social media sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Attend two full-day mandatory training sessions upon hire on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 and August 22nd, 2015

Off Campus Scholarship Opportunity

Sidley Prelaw Scholars Initiative — Application DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 2015!

A lack of resources to attend costly LSAT preparation classes and to fund expensive admissions applications is a significant factor in hindering the entry of diverse, high-performing college students into law school. The Sidley Prelaw Scholars Initiative is designed to help address this threshold issue by meeting the specific needs of diverse students seeking to attend law school. Sidley Prelaw Scholars, chosen from college juniors and seniors who demonstrate academic promise and financial need, will receive up to $2,500 to cover tuition in a commercial LSAT preparation course, as well as application fees for as many as seven accredited law schools.

Other critical components of the program include:
Coaching on how to create compelling law school application;
Seminar instruction on the structure of the American legal system, as well as an introduction to the substance of the required common law first-year courses; and
An additional $2,500 in scholarship assistance. Half of the scholarship will be paid after the Scholar has applied to at least five law schools. The other half will be paid after the Scholar attends the above mentioned seminar, commits to a specific law school and notifies Sidley of that law school’s name.

1. Complete and submit the entire application, including a personal statement.
2. Submit the following FOUR documents:

● Copy of most recent FAFSA Student Aid Report;
● Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended;
● Résumé (1 page maximum);
● Signed and completed recommendation form from ONE ACADEMIC reference in a sealed envelope.

***Applications that are not completed in their entirety will not be considered.***

All application materials are due by Friday, January 9, 2015!!

For more information about the Sidley Prelaw Scholars Initiative and TO APPLY, go here:

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