Law School Application Week: Social Media

As Application Week continues, we would like to remind students of the importance of mindful social media interaction.  Please take a look at our post from September in order to brush up on the finer points of the “Grandma Test.”  In addition to what you should not post on social media, take this time to explore the positive uses of social media.

Social media exists in many forms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Each social media outlet offers an opportunity to show a positive side of yourself.  Post activities you have taken part in to Facebook, and use it to organize groups that mean something to you or to follow or join an organization that interests you.  Similarly with Twitter: tweet positively, follow prospective schools and use it to increase your reputation as an informed go-getter.

At this time in your budding professional career, you should also open a LinkedIn account if you have not already done so.  LinkedIn offers the chance to create an online profile specifically for professional networking.  Creating a profile will also allow you to insert more information than would be possible on a one page résumé.  In this way, interested schools and employers can learn even more about you.  Take advantage of the wonderful advancements in career development and employ social media to work for you!

We’ll be back tomorrow with more AppTips for Law School Application Week!

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