Law School Application Week: Personal Statements

Today’s application topic is personal statements. Here are some quick AppTips and resources.

  • To get started, check out the suggestions on our Compass page and on ourĀ  website (If you are planning for future semesters, attend our Personal Statement Workshops. We have completed them for Fall 2014, but we will continue to offer them in future semesters.)
  • Check the prompts of the law schools to which you are applying. What kinds of things do they want to know? What do they ask about in any optional essays?
  • You should allot about 3-4 weeks for this process, including time to brainstorm, write, set it aside, edit, and have it reviewed by multiple people.
  • After you write a draft, first have it reviewed by someone who knows you. Ask: Does it sound like you? Is it personal and genuine? Does your reviewer have any ideas about experiences you’ve had that might be interesting or relevant to a law school?
  • Next, have it reviewed by a trusted writer/professor or the Writer’s Workshop for grammar/structure/flow issues.
  • Finally, make an appointment with us in Pre-Law Advising Services and we will give you some specific feedback about the content, tone, relevance to law school, and we can address any specific concerns that you have. To make an appointment, call 333-9669.

The most important advice about the personal statement: Give it the time and attention it deserves because it DOES MATTER.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more AppTips for Law School Application Week!


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