Law School Interview Information

As the law school application period ramps up, applicants may wonder which law schools conduct interviews.  Well, most schools do not offer interviews as a portion of the application process.  However, some schools, such as Northwestern, offer and encourage interviews, while others offer interviews on an invitation only basis. We’ve created a handy tool for you–a spreadsheet outlining which schools provide interviews, and in what format.

Generally, if a school offers an interview program as a part of the application process, participation is strongly encouraged.  For similar experiences at schools that do not offer an interview program, applicants may be interested in a campus visit.  Campus visits will not be considered in the application process but still provide valuable insight into the schools.  Speaking with students, sitting in on a class and meeting some of the faculty will aid applicants as they narrow their choices.

To prepare for an interview: research the school, be able to answer any questions about yourself, and practice interviewing.  If any applicants are interested in practicing interviewing, please contact Career Services to conduct a mock interview.  The experience presents a wonderful opportunity to eliminate nervousness and receive valuable feedback.

To access the law school interview information spreadsheet, please visit our Compass page.


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