Summer/Fall Course Updates!

If you’re still considering summer/fall courses, here are some relevant updates we’ve received to help you make your decisions.

1. The PHIL 102 Summer Session I course still has seats. This logic and reasoning course is specifically tailored to LSAT and MCAT logic skills, so it would be an excellent option for pre-law students planning to take the LSAT this September or next June. Meets 9-11:50 M-R. Taught by Timothy McCarthy.

2. Seats are still available in PS 301, U.S. Constitution I. This course analyzes issues related to judicial interpretation of the Constitution; the separation of governmental powers; federalism; checks and balances among the three branches of the national government; and the jurisdiction of federal courts. Taught by Professor Steven Seitz, this course meets 11:30-1:50 M-R.

3. For our veteran students, a new course will be offered this fall: AHS 199, Veterans Leadership Transition. This course is designed for undergraduate veterans to learn about assistive resources, gain practical skills that will support their transition to campus, reflect on their service history, and develop community with other veterans. Restricted to veterans. 2.0 credits, meets TR 11-12:20.