The Application Process: LSAC Tips

Here is a short list of tips for working with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).  If you have specific concerns about LSAC’s service or your account, contact LSAC directly via telephone (215) 968-1001, or by completing their online help form, accessible at

  • Seniors — if you are applying this fall, set up your LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) account ASAP!

It is important that you begin this process early because you will need certain forms (Letter of Recommendation (LOR) forms, Transcript Request forms) that are only available to applicants with a CAS account.  This is a rolling admissions process so you need to make sure that you have everything completed as early as possible so as not to delay the review of your applications!

  • If you are looking for detailed explanations of LSAC’s processes and helpful hints, check out the tabs on the right hand side of each page in your CAS account.

LSAC has made some very helpful modifications to the LSAC CAS account format to allow you to have many of your questions, particularly about LORs and Evaluations, answered via information now available in your account page.  Therefore, in most cases you no longer need to navigate away from your account to the main section of the LSAC’s website.

  • Most law school applications are now available online. Check them out ASAP!

In fact, applications for all 9 ABA-accredited law schools in Illinois (University of Chicago, Chicago Kent, DePaul, U of I, John Marshall, Loyola, Northern Illinois, Northwestern and Southern Illinois) are already available online through the LSAC CAS.

  • What is the Candidate Referral Service (CRS)?

The CRS is a free service offered by LSAC that makes information about law school candidates available to law schools. Law schools may recruit potential applicants on the basis of specific characteristics; for example, LSAT score, undergraduate grade-point average (UGPA), age, race or ethnicity, and geographic background. Once you establish an account, you may opt to authorize release of your credentials to law schools participating in the CRS. LSAC recommends that you authorize release since this may help you identify a school you might not have discovered through your own research.  In addition, some schools may offer you application fee waivers!

  • Want to learn more about the application process?  Make sure you attend the PLAS Applying to Law School Workshop on Monday, September 23, at 4:00 pm in Lincoln Hall 1027!

Jamie Thomas-Ward will be talking about how to create an effective application strategy and will provide a detailed overview of how to navigate the LSAC’s CAS.  If you are applying this fall, you do not want to miss this event!! No registration required.