Good Luck and LSAT Day Tips

It’s almost here! This Saturday is the LSAT for many of you. We wish all of you LSAT takers good luck!

Here are some final test day reminders/suggestions:

1. Make sure you eat breakfast (and pack a snack).

2. Give yourself plenty of time to drive to the test site, find parking, and check in.

3. Figure out what you’re going to do with your cell phone because you cannot bring it in with you. The LSAC has adopted a no tolerance policy towards electronics.

4.  Review the LSAC’s Test Day instructions one last time.

5. Don’t pay attention to what the people around you are doing. Bring your focus back to you and giving your best performance.

For some perspective, remember that the LSAT does not define you forever. The LSAT is not a predictor of bar passage, employment, or effectiveness as a lawyer. I don’t remember ever having even one conversation about the LSAT once I started law school, and no employer has ever asked me about it. (They did, however, care a lot about law school grades and class rank.)

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

We posted a fun LSAT video on our Facebook page for you to check out too!