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Ghana’s Agric Sector Likely to be Worst Hit by Climate Change Report

The EPA has reported that Ghana’s agricultural sector could be severely impacted by climate change if measures are not taken immediately. Most farmers are poor, small landholders and do not have knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices, technology, or how to properly utilize natural resources. Increased temperature has also led to increased pest attacks. Currently, the […]


Post-harvest Losses and Food Sustainability Challenges: A Case Study of Rural Maize Farmers in Ghana, West Africa

The book “Post-harvest Losses and Food Sustainability Challenges: A case study of rural maize farmers in Ghana, West Africa” was recently published through Lambert Academic Publishing. https://www.lap-publishing.com/catalog/details//store/gb/book/978-3-659-11554-7/post-harvest-losses-and-food-sustainability-challenges


The Case of Ghana’s President Special Initiative on Oil Palm

The former President of the Republic of Ghana urges a focus on palm oil production as a means of creating food security in sub-Saharan countries. Farmers in these countries face high PHL and are in need of other means of generating income. South-East Asian countries have experienced a reduction in poverty levels and employment growth due to […]