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Kenya/Djibouti – 12th Update Situation on Somali Refugee Crisis 8th October

Refugees in Djibouti and Kenya are both affected by and affecting food prices. Djibouti imports over 95% of its food and food prices are 63 percent above the nominal five-year average. This price rise puts 147,000 into poverty and affects the state of refugees receiving food aid in camps as well. http://lwfworldservice.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/kenyadjibouti-12th-update-situation-on-somali-refugee-crisis-8th-october/


Aiding Famine Victims in Somalia

The Somalian famine is seen as a result of bad politics, terrorist activity in blocking aid, and Western countries being unsure of how to interact with the unstable government. Drought and climate change have a large role in the famine, but it is the issue of governmental instability that prevents the country from reversing their […]