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FAO to Help Train AP Farmers in Raising Productivity

The FAO is working with the Indian Agriculture Department to improve productivity of oilseeds and pulses in Andhra Pradesh. This will consist of a training program tailored to the particular climatic conditions and needs of the region. The FAO will assist in capacity building for staff, especially for efficient water use technologies and the effect […]


Market Sought for Surplus 500,000 Tons of Maize, Beans

As a result of various government programs in irrigation, mechanization, land use consolidation, and use of improved seeds and fertilizers, Rwanda now has a large surplus of maize and beans. The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources reported a projected surplus of 300,000 tons of maize and 200,000 tons of beans this year. To cope, […]


Post-Harvest Management for Food Security tops FAO-Agriculture Dept meeting

A workshop was organized by the UN FAO in partnership with the Dept of Agriculture in The Gambia to discuss PHL. Particular focus was on grain cereals, pulses and oilseeds, “as these sectors constitute the predominant staples in many African communities in Africa.” The FAO and the Dept of Agriculture’s relationship has also recently led to the […]