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Farmers’ Show Not Up to Today’s Challenges

Ugandans urge their government to allow for GMO-friendly policies and also for the need of new technologies and practices to be exhibited to the public at the annual agricultural show. http://www.monitor.co.ug/Magazines/Farming/-/689860/1207946/-/1mtn92z/-/


Meet Looks at Radiation Processing for Better Shelf Life of Food, Improved Hygiene

India – A seminar on Radiation Processing Technology for Food Safety & Security, organized at Federation House, Hyderabad, focused on the role of radiation processing in increasing shelf life of food and other related aspects in ensuring food safety. Rapid urbanization, arable land depletion, agro-climatic conditions, traditional harvest and storage practices, as well as issues of long transportation […]


Invasive Species Compendium

US AID with other contributors have developed a free, online compendium on invasive species, citing such species as responsible for large production and postharvest losses. Site includes a searchable database and library, videos for training, datasheets, and more to be added as the site develops. http://www.cabi.org/isc/