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The Aspen Institute Launches Food Security Strategy Group

A new initiative by the Aspen Institute seeks to address what it calls a gap in the food security work currently being done on a global level. The group aims to bring together cross-sector thought-leaders to discuss the extent to which food security will be threatened in the coming decades by climate change, population growth […]


Grain Storage for Gulf Region Planned

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAID) is planning a¬†storage system for three to six months of Gulf region grain reserves. The location will most likely be in the UAE because it is close to the port of Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman. This project comes in conjunction with the start of […]


Reducing Food Losses in the MENA Region

Slides from the presentation “Reducing Food Losses in the MENA Region” (speaker Adel Kader of UC Davis) at the Regional Agro-Industries Forum Middle East and North Africa were recently published, highlighting magnitudes and causes of loss in different areas. It also contains information on the methodology of data and information collection, as well as provides […]