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Rising Global Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security

Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute, says climate change will have devastating effect on Asian crops, especially rice, and would destroy the food security of many countries relying on major rice-exporting countries, like Vietnam. Increased climate change impact on temperature and water in India will lead to even tighter food supply issues. http://www.treehugger.com/clean-technology/rising-temperatures-melting-away-global-food-security.html


Assessment of Postharvest Losses of Some Selected Crops in Eight Local Government Areas of River States in Nigeria

  New report analyzes postharvest losses of selected crops in 8 local government areas in Nigeria. Although dealing mainly with vegetables, maize is highlighted as well. Works Cited includes some other resources to consider. http://docsdrive.com/pdfs/knowledgia/ajrd/0000/31329-31329.pdf


Harvesting the Future: FAO and the EU Improve Postharvest Conditions

Cambodia and the EU are working together to improve postharvest conditions (video) through distribution of tarpaulins and rice storage bins and the provision of complementary training. This specific project will affect about 9,000 families. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x80metnZK5Y&feature=channel_video_title