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UN FAO E-Courses on Food Security

The UN FAO is offering e-courses on Food Security related topics free of charge for the purpose of basic skill and knowledge acquisition. http://www.foodsec.org/DL/elcpages/food-security-learning-center.asp?pgLanguage=en&leftItemSelected=food-security-learning-center

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Food Processing Short Course 2012

Michigan State University is offering a short course on food processing, packaging, and value-addition with registration open for 2012 now. http://worldtap.msu.edu/event/food-processing-short-course-2012/

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Farmers in Eastern Rwanda Received Postharvest Courses

Two hundred and seventy-six farmers in Eastern Rwanda received postharvest handling and storage skills training through a US-funded, three-week course. The training helped connect farmers to World Food Programme offices, develop strong connections and facilitate further education within the region.

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Cereals Board Launches New Drive to Boost Maize Harvest

The Kenyan Cereals Board launches a new drive to boost maize harvest by providing farmers with much-needed fertilizer and training on how to improve yields. This process should take about three months and 2.4 million bags of fertilizer, which are expected to save farmers’ losses by up to 30 percent. http://www.nation.co.ke/News/regional/Cereals+board+launches+new+drive+to+boost+maize+harvest+/-/1070/1239910/-/2yu921z/-/

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U.S. Kicks off Agricultural Program in South Sudan

South Sudan is aiming to nearly double staple-food crop production by 2013. USAID will continue to support agriculture ventures as a means of diversifying the economy, as evidenced by the launch of their 2005 initiative in Sudan’s green belt zone. They are also focusing on women-centric approaches through education and workshops. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/U.S.+kicks+off+agricultural+program+in+South+Sudan.-a0226675576

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Agriculture Offers Recipe for Nigeria’s Economic Challenges

Nigeria is advised to treat agriculture as a potential solution for job creation, economic growth, and public health. Youth involvement should be developed, as well as a supportive financial system, recommended Dr. Peter Hartmann of the National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER). http://www.vanguardngr.com/2011/09/agriculture-offers-recipe-for-nigeria%E2%80%99s-economic-challenges/

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University Course Georgia Tech

UNIVERSITY COURSE (PDF) Georgia Tech offering Cold Chain Management Certificate

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ICAR Sets Strategic Framework to Meet India Agriculture Challenges

The Indian Council on Agricultural Research (ICAR) has set PHL  as a particular focus in their 12th five-year plan, looking to natural resource management, research and development, entrepreneurship, and website development as means of targeting awareness, education, and ultimately loss reduction. http://www.commodityonline.com/news/icar-sets-strategic-framework-to-meet-india-agriculture-challenges-41358-3-41359.html

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Kenyan Farmers on Spotlight as Drought Bites

Despite governmental prioritization for Kenyan farmers and crop availability for citizens, postharvest losses, especially due to the larger grain borer, continue to afflict the country, causing it to import large amount of staple crops. Agricultural authorities believe that farmer education is key in reversing this plight, as over 80% of farmers store their crops improperly. […]

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Bakers Sensitised on Use of Alternative Flour in Pastry Preparation

A two-day workshop on the use of alternative flours use in baked goods preparation recently ended, as the Ghanaian government is pushing to improve the market for various types of flour products. This endeavor is also seen as a means of improving food security and as a way for generating employment in the African country. […]

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