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Feeding Africa: Australian Knowledge Helps Meet A Continent’s Climate Change Challenges

African food security problems are seen as an opportunity for development by Australia, as the two continents produce many of the same crops in similar climatic conditions. Australian policies and infrastructure are more developed than their African counterparts in terms of agriculture and food security, and Australian participation in the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change […]


Tackling the Burgeoning Agrarian Crisis in India

India’s agrarian crisis has led to the suicides of over 250,000 farmers since 1995. Current programs and ‘new’ organizations are not aiding the root issue – farmers still lack access to credit, have high transaction costs, are exposed to exploitative middlemen, and poor quality technologies and contracts that are difficult to acquire. The author suggests […]


Stanbic Bank Supports Uganda’s Agriculture Sector

Stanbic Bank Uganda lending $25 million for the purpose of purchasing agricultural machinery and ag development. Result of participation at the “Agriculture Finance Conference in Kampala, Uganda late last month, where more than 300 international and local agriculture finance experts as well as central governors of 10 African central banks converged to discuss agriculture finance issues. […]