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Feeding 9 Billion: What Research Do we Prioritize to Find Solutions?

Cross-sector representatives met in April for the first Food Security Futures Conference. Participants discussed how to accomplish the wide array of food security goals on the international agenda, and agreed that public and private research is essential. The conference produced a list of priorities, one being to develop better metrics for evaluating food systems. http://www.ifpri.org/blog/feeding-9-billion-what-research-do-we-prioritize-find-solutions


African, Caribbean & Pacific (ACP) Discuss Enhanced Cooperation

The Advisory Committee on Science and Technology for African, Caribbean & Pacific Development discussed the impact of joint efforts and future needs at the 10th meeting of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture in October.  A postharvest knowledge system supported by postgraduate research in terms of food security, economic potential, and wealth creation was a specific […]