Investors Target Harvest with Mobile Maize Dryers

Lesiolo Grain Handlers Limited (LGHL), which exhibited its mobile drier at the ninth edition of the annual agribusiness fair by the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), is the latest to join other players eyeing this window. Poor drying due to overreliance on heat from the sun has been cited as a major cause of Aflatoxin contamination in the country, which is estimated to claim up to 30 per cent of harvests every season. USAID has been testing a mobile dryer in Eastern Kenya as part of an initiative to support food stability in the country. The two-day event, which ended Monday, attracted 70+ exhibitors drawn from the dairy, agrochemical, fertiliser, farm machinery, maize production, banking and storage industries. With the theme “Enhancing Returns in Agribusiness Investments Opportunities and Challenges,” the fair came at a time when the country is facing starvation.

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